This programme is different to anything that you would have been involved in before. During the day, you will give a series of at least six presentations to the other delegates.  We will record at least two of the presentations, so you can see for yourself the progress that you have made during the day. For most people they are amazed and shocked, in some cases it can be life changing.
Your coach for the day is  Alistair Mann.
Outcomes on the Day
  • Presentation Technique. How to project a more professional image in strategic situations. Get a more consistent positive reaction from an audience. How to highlight key points/issues. Develop more ability to persuade others.
  • Develop Confidence and Poise. Develop a greater belief in yourself and your ability. Take control in pressurized situations.
  • Clarity of Expression. Develop clarity and concise expression. How to win the audience over. Break complex material down to its simplest form. Learn to illustrate and clarify points. How to organize the structure and flow of a presentation.
  • Personal Presence. How to understand and capitalize on group dynamics. Learn how others perceive us. Control and facilitate group conversation and feedback. Excite others to action. Project self-assurance.
  • Selling Ideas. Learn a strategy of presenting solutions. How to handle and diffuse challenging questions. Ways to ask for action/decision. Respond quickly and succinctly under pressure. Develop techniques for dealing with an open antagonist whilst maintaining control.
  • Freedom of Expression. Becoming more comfortable thinking on your feet. Say what you think without causing resentment. Add more excitement to your personality.
  • Attitude Control. Create a positive climate more constantly. Learn to concentrate on the positive traits of others. Make the best of situations and become a more flexible person.
  • We will also help you with your slides and a structure to your presentation 

Your investment includes

  • One full day programme
  • Manual and other support materials
  • Refreshments and lunch
  • Unlimited telephone and email coaching on request

This programme can only accommodate 10 delegates and will sell out quickly

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If after taking one of our courses you feel that you have not developed new skills, and attitudes that will make a real difference to you and your team's performance, then I will refund the cost of the course no quibble.

That is the Ashley Latter 100% guarantee.