A two day Ethical Sales and Communication Programme specifically for dentists who want to hear more patients saying YES to Clear Correct Braces all in a very ethical manner.

This course will be delivered by Ashley Latter and Neil Simkin.

Due to social distancing this course is open to only 18 dentists.

5 Places only available.

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Does any of this sound familiar?
  • Would you like to have more of your private treatment plans accepted and be paid well for the work you do?
  • Have you taken the technical course, but feel that you have not achieved a return on your investment yet? Is the kit still in the box?
  • Do you think your treatment is worth more than you are getting paid?
  • Would you like to be able communicate in a way that does not sound too salesy and yet encourages patients to buy into our treatment plans?
If the answer is YES then this is a must attend programme. 10 reasons to join us
  •  Discover the most essential skills and attitudes in hearing a yes more often. 85% of your financial success is dependent upon developing your communication skills. Only 15% is applicable to the technical skills. This programme will focus on the 85%
  • This programme will not be a lecture, it is a behaviour change course. The course is hands on, you will practice the skills to develop a perfect consultation
  • Hear live examples from Neil’s consultation using Ashley’s unique eight step approach
  • Learn how to communicate consent clearly and concisely. Learn what to say and most importantly, learn what not to say to dissuade them
  • You will have access to two Trainers on the course, you will be personally coached on a one to one basis over the two days
  • Two follow up telephone coaching sessions after the programme has finished
  • The material is applicable for all the other treatments that you provide, it will help you grow your other private treatments
  • One extra treatment plan will pay for the whole course, you will achieve a significant return back on your investment. You will be using these skills for many years to come
  • With at least 350 patients visiting your surgery each month and 3 out of 10 patients wanting straighter white teeth, you will have endless opportunities to utilise these skills
  • Neil Simkin has treated over 1000 patients with orthodontic treatments. You are going to learn from one of the UKs top producers with this treatment.



Building Rapport

Having excellent relationships with your patients is the foundation to a successful consultation. Without rapport, there is no trust and without trust no treatment plan will go ahead. In this section you will

  • Develop the skills to build relationships with potential clients
  • Learn the techniques to build credibility quickly
  • Master the skills to lower client resistance and nervousness and win them to your way of thinking
  • Discover the four different personality styles and learn how to connect with each of them
  • Each one is different and needs different application
  • Get people to like you instantly

Interest-Information Gathering

One of the biggest mistakes many dentists make is providing solutions without truly understanding the wants and needs of the patient. In this section you will

  • Understand the vital role effective questions, play in selling our services and products
  • Learn how to lead your client through a comfortable, natural series of questions designed to acquire the information you need. There are four types of this unique approach
  • Develop the skills so that the client buys into our services and sees the need to take urgent action
  • Become a much more effective listener. Learn how to listen to understand rather than listen to respond
  • Understand the five emotional reasons why patients make decisions when they buy cosmetic and orthodontic treatment

Opportunity Analysis and Solution Development

If you want to increase your take up of treatment plans, then the language that you use when presenting is crucial. In this section you will

  • Develop unique solutions to patients needs and buying criteria
  • Become creative when presenting your solutions to your clients
  • Become a more persuasive and powerful communicator in all situations
  • Learn how to use evidence to back up what we say. There are six crucial ones that will help increase case acceptance
  • Discover the language to excite your patient
  • Learn how to influence patients
  • Eliminate jargon and technical language that can be off putting
  • Communicate clearly, concisely and eliminate waffle

Communicate your fees with self-confidence and achieve the income your services deserve

Many dentists find the discussion of fees challenging and often discount and undercharge unnecessarily. In this section you will

  • Understand that patients don’t always buy on price
  • Appreciate what is important to patients when they make decisions
  • Know your numbers and never reduce your fees ever again
  • Communicate value when presenting your fees.
  • Learn how to present what you do with confidence, concisely and create real value in your patient’s eyes
  • Become more confident when discussing fees and explain patient finance effectively
  • Develop third party evidence tools
  • Develop 12 strategies that will make you feel more comfortable discussing fees and achieve the income that your services deserve

Overcoming all your Patient’s Objections

Many dentists freeze when they receive a fee objection, or any other objection. In this section you will

  • Identify hidden objections
  • Use “cushions” to help resolve objections
  • Learn the skills to effectively resolve all your money objections and create win win. There are eight and we will go through each one.
  • Think on your feet and demonstrate self-esteem and confidence
  • Develop a five-step approach to overcome all your patients’ objections

Gaining Commitment

It is important that there is a natural conclusion to the consultation. If we keep sending patients home to think about it, then both parties lose. In this section you will

  • Learn how to gain patient commitment to your treatment with ease
  • Develop a process where the patient buys into your services
  • Learn how to close without pressure. It will feel seamless
  • Learn how to deliver consent with ease

Follow up

The follow up after treatment is so important. Here you can continue building the relationship with the patient. In this section you will

  • Learn how to follow up effectively
  • Stand out from the competition
  • Learn how to ask for referrals and build a pipeline of new clients to our door
  • Learn how to obtain outstanding testimonial letters and videos following Ashley’s unique six step approach
  • Apply the whole consultation from start to finish, develop new behaviours that stick

Your investment includes

  • Two Day Programme
  • Manual and other support materials
  • Copies of Ashley’s books, Don’t wait for the Tooth Fairy and You are Worth it
  •  CPD Certificates 16 hours Two follow up tele-coaching calls
  •  All refreshments and lunches

Use the link to book or call Lissa on 0161 724 8728. Early registration is advisable.

Neil Simkin

Neil graduated from Birmingham Dental School in 1998 and has been working at the Severnside Practice since 2002. This practice has had four different corporate owners, but has really flourished since becoming part of the {my}dentist group in 2014.
Neil’s areas of interest are Endodontics, surgery, and Orthodontics. He has completed over 500 cases. Neil is also a six month smiles provider and most recently started offering Clear Correct aligners. He is the Key Opinion Leader for this brand within the {my}dentist group.
“Straightening teeth really does change peoples lives and as a Practice we do little advertising for the systems we offer. However, we have a constant stream of patients who travel to Newtown from all over Wales and the West of England. This is my passion. I am so excited about working with Ashley and sharing with the delegates what is working for us, I know it will work for them”

Ashley Latter

In 1997 two dentists took Ashley’s Ethical Sales and Communication Course. Since then, over 21,000 delegates world-wide have taken this programme in over 14 countries world-wide, including Canada, USA, Australia, India and Singapore. Dentists have travelled from all over the world to his training centre in North Manchester to take his courses. This programme is legendary in the Dental World and is probably one of the most sought-after programmes in dentistry today. He has now delivered over 29,000 hours of communication skills coaching to the dental world, probably more than any other coach on the planet. In short, he is simply the best at helping dentists and their teams connect better with their patients, so that they can finally deliver the dentistry that they love to do and most importantly their patients want. Ashley is the author of Don’t Wait for the Tooth Fairy, You are Worth it and The Dental Practice Jugglers. He has also contributed to the Dental Masters Series.


A percentage of our earnings supports bridge2aid and The Fed



Clients tell us that they have achieved the following outcomes as a result of taking part on the programme:
  • Increased uptake of treatment plans
  • Stronger relationships with their patients leading to an increase in referrals
  • Talking money with more confidence and achieving better prices for their services
  • More confidence in dealing with patients objections
  • Entire team singing from the same hymn sheet
  • A world class patient journey

Full course price in £997 inc VAT. Special discount for MyDentist, fee is normally £1800.

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