Without doubt the Reception Team are the most important people within the dental practice. They are the first point of contact when a patient either telephones or visits your practice. Depending on how they deal with the patient, he or she will decide whether to visit your practice or to go elsewhere. They are the shop window to your practice and you get one chance to make a good impression. This is more important than ever before as patients are shopping around for their treatment and practices. If a patient stays with you for 10 years, they could then be worth $10,000 to you. If they are interested in cosmetic treatment then your treatment plans could potentially run into much bigger figures. That’s what each telephone call to your practice is potentially worth.

Dental Practices spend thousands of pounds each year marketing and attracting leads to the practice. Each lead needs to be treated correctly to ensure that the patient enquiry turns into an appointment, and ultimately a client. This becomes even more important as patients are shopping around for their treatment.

This programme is a mixture of presentation, facilitation, discussion and hands on coaching to develop the skills, so that you stand out from the other dental practices and ensure that you turn your enquiries into appointments. We will coach members of your dental practice management on how to take an enquiry from that very first call and turn it into an appointment so that ultimately they can become a long term patient.

On this packed one day programme, delegates will be coached on how to

  • Discover the skills that are paramount in becoming world class on the telephone
  • Create a memorable first impression – stand out from the competition
  • Know your numbers – understand the value of each call to your practice
  • Speak the language of benefits to excite the patient – motivate the patient to take action NOW
  • Develop outstanding communication skills – eliminate waffle
  • Become outstanding at building rapport and asking questions to understand what the patient is interested in
  • Talk money with re-assurance and self-confidence. Be proud of your fees – even when you are more expensive than a practice down the road
  • Design a Practice telephone protocol – know all the steps
  • Develop a winning attitude and extra self confidence
  • Learn how to convert patients enquiring into patients
  • Use enquiry measurement tools – find out what marketing is working and what is not
    Stand out from the competition
  • Learn how to close and turn more enquiries into appointments
  • Develop some scripts to turn email enquiries into appointments
  • Why it is important that new enquires are not dealt with at the desk
  • Discover the strategies of the most successful dentist practices around the world


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