A brand new programme for dentists, orthodontists and TCO’s who want to grow their short term orthodontic cases. This two day course will be delivered by Ashley Latter and Jaswinder Gill


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  • Marketing  to attract new patients
  • How to never miss a single lead
  • Team Training in responding to an enquiry, so that you stand out from the competition
  • Systems to have in place in terms of email/text automation once a patient is booked in
  • Scanning along with it’s benefits
  • How to sell with a ClinCheck (the Invisalign simulation)
  • How and when to talk about the fees
  • How to get photos, scans/impressions, radiographs at the consultation appointment
  • What to discuss once the patient is on board and what not to discuss
  • Payment options
  • Post consultation email/text automation
  • Consent
  • Talking about IPR, Retention/Relapse and when to talk about it
  • What paperwork you need signed and when
  • Getting video testimonials and why it is so easy
  • How to attract referrals and learn how to get your patients to be an ambassador for you and to bring a line of the right type of clients to your door
  • If you an Invisalign provider what it takes to become a Diamond provider in your area
  • Discover the six biggest communication mistakes made by dentists
  • What is the ideal profile of someone who is successful in dental sales?
  • Learn how to operate outside the comfort zone and develop extra self-belief and confidence
  • Develop a more positive attitude of success and achievement
  • Set course goals
Building Rapport
  • Develop the skills to build relationships with potential clients
  • Develop the techniques to build credibility quickly
  • Develop the skills to lower client resistance/nervousness  and win them  over to our way of thinking
  • Build rapport with patients of all different personality styles
  • Get patients to like you instantly and stand out from the competition
  • Understand the importance of preparation
Ask the right questions to create opportunities
  • To understand the vital role effective questions play in selling our services/products
  • Learn how to lead your client through a comfortable, natural series of questions designed to get the information you need
  • Develop the skills so that that the client buys into our services and sees the need to take urgent action
  • Become a much more effective listener
  • Develop Ashleys unique four step questioning approach to a perfect consultation
  • Discover the six emotional reasons to understand the patients decision making process
Communicate in the language that excites your patients
  • Develop unique solutions to patients needs and buying criteria
  • Become creative when presenting our solutions to our clients
  • Become a more persuasive and powerful communicator in all situations.
  • Learn how to use evidence to back up what we say
  • Discover the language to excite and influence your patient
  • Communicate clearly and concisely, eliminate waffle and technical jargon
Communicate your fees with self–confidence and achieve the income your services deserve
  • Understand that patients don’t buy on price
  • Understand what is important to patients when they make decisions
  • Know your numbers
  • Communicate value when presenting your fees and eliminate price objections
  • Become more confident when discussing fees and never reduce the price in your head again
  • Develop 12 strategies that will make you feel more comfortable talking money and achieve the prices your services deserve
  • Learn how to charge more than your competitors and still hear a YES
Gaining Commitment in a Ethical Way
  • Learn how to gain patient commitment to your treatment with ease
  • Develop a process where patient buys into your services
Overcoming all your patients objections
  • Identify hidden objections
  • Use “cushions” to help resolve objections and avoid conflict
  • Learn the skills to effectively resolve objections and create win win
  • Think on your feet and demonstrate self-esteem and confidence
  • Develop a five step approach to overcome all your patients objections
Follow up/ World Class Customer Service
  • Learn how to follow up effectively
  • Stand out from the competition
  • Learn how to ask for referrals and build a pipeline of new clients to your door.
  • Provide a World Class experience for your patients
  • Create a seamless patient journey so that the baton never gets dropped.
  • Ring fencing your patients and increasing your assets
Apply the Sales Process
  • Apply the whole process from start to finish
  • Develop new behaviours that stick
  • Set performance goals


A percentage of our earnings supports bridge2aid and The Fed

About Jaswinder Gill

Jaswinder qualified from Kings College Dental School, London in 1995 where he achieved his Bachelor of Dental Surgery.

Following this he spent 13 years gaining experience in a dental practice in West London before buying his own practice in Slough in October 2006.

He rebranded the practice as Moonlight Dental Surgery and began building his reputation within the local community by providing the best possible dental care to all within the surrounding areas. Subsequently, he incorporated a pharmacy within this practice offering 100 hours a week opening times over 7 days a week which is run by his lovely wife, Chand, her name means Moonlight in asian.

Following the successful rebranding of his Slough practice he went on to purchase and rebrand another dental practice in Poole in October 2008 thus growing the Moonlight Dental Surgery team. In May 2009 Jaswinder joined forces with his brother to purchase a third dental surgery in Reading.

Mid 2012 he attended the Six-Month Smile course and became accredited to provide this innovative treatment. He was so enthused by the results achieved from this short term orthodontic treatment that he invested more and more of his time enhancing his skills. Due to this vested interest, he quickly became a recognised provider.

Soon after, Jaswinder was given the title of Clinical Instructor, being one of only three in the UK. He now participates in regular seminars teaching other dental professionals about the provision of this service. He is a strong advocate of this treatment and uses these skills to help many patients gain the smile they had only previously dreamed of.

He went on to do the Invisalign course and the IAS Advanced Course to deliver comprehensive orthodontics. You can probably see by now that orthodontics is Jaswinder’s passion! He is a Platinum provider for both Six-Month Smiles & Invisalign.

In 2017, he developed his own course, Orthodontic CQC to help Providers of any Short Term Orthodontic system to do more cases.

He is also a Clinical Lead & KOL for the Carestream Digital Scanner.

It was whilst teaching his 6 Month Smiles courses that Ashley asked him in 2017 to assist him in teaching his Ethical Sales and Communication Skills courses, which he thoroughly enjoys.

Jaswinder is a family man, married to Chand with his two children, Anmol and Shaan. He enjoys spending time with his family, taking their dog Rexy for long walks as well as pursuing many hobbies such as going to the gym and researching the latest gadgets!

He recently spent a week in Lebanon providing voluntary dentistry to Syrian refugees which was the most eye-opening week of his life and he managed to raise £2000.


Clients tell us that they have achieved the following outcomes as a result of taking part on the programme:
  • Increased uptake of treatment plans
  • Stronger relationships with their patients leading to an increase in referrals
  • Talking money with more confidence and achieving better prices for their services
  • More confidence in dealing with patients objections
  • Entire team singing from the same hymn sheet
  • A world class patient journey

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