High Impact Presentation Skills Programme

Learn how to present to an audience/group/one to one.  We use powerful techniques to improve the performance of your presentations and your effectiveness in front of groups and teams.  We use one-to-one coaching, DVD and TV, allowing participants to make major breakthroughs.



Would you rather die than speak in public?

One of man's biggest fears is speaking in public. Being able to present in front of groups and being able to do it confidently, with poise and re-assurance is one of the greatest skills that you can possess. It will help you in many other situations in life. If this is a skill that you would like to develop, then please watch this video below and read on for more information and have your questions answered.

Develop High Impact Presentation Skills

Outcomes on the day:

  • Presentation Technique. How to project a more professional image in strategic situations. Get a more consistently positive reaction from an audience. How to highlight key points/issues. Develop more ability to persuade others.
  • Develop Confidence and Poise. Develop a greater belief in yourself and your ability. Take control in pressurised situations.
  • Clarity of Expression. How to win the audience over. Break complex material down to its simplest form. Learn to illustrate and clarify points. How to organise the structure and flow of a presentation.
  • Personal Presence. How to understand and capitalise on group dynamics. Learn how others perceive us. Control and facilitate group conversation and feedback. Excite others to action. Project self-assurance.
  • Selling Ideas. Learn a strategy of presenting solutions. How to handle and diffuse challenging questions. Ways to ask for action/decision. Respond quickly and succinctly under pressure. Develop techniques for dealing with an open antagonist whilst maintaining control.
  • Freedom of Expression. Become more comfortable thinking on your feet. Say what you think without causing resentment. Add more excitement to your personality.
  • Attitude Control. Create a positive climate more constantly. Learn to concentrate on the positive traits of others. Make the best of situations and become a more flexible person.

We will also help you with your slides and give you a structure to your Presentation.

Please read the answers to the common questions that we get asked about the High Impact Presentation Skills Programme.

1. Who is the programme for?

This programme is for anyone who not only wants to improve their Presentation Skills, but also for people who want to improve their communication skills whether one to one, or if you are running small meetings.

2. How is the programme delivered?

The course is run in small groups. The maximum number we take on the programme is 10. Everyone delivers 6 presentations during the day and everyone receives one to one coaching from Ashley on how you deliver your talks. Two of the presentations are videoed and then at the end of the day, everyone gets a chance to watch themselves on TV and you will be able to witness yourself the progress that you have made during the day. For many people this can be life changing experience.

3. It sounds scary?

This programme is not for everyone. It can be a challenging programme, however for many delegates who have taken part; it has been a life changing experience. We have had people who have walked into the programme with very little self confidence and then have gone away and delivered a presentation to over 400 delegates a few weeks after. It is designed to get everyone to operate outside their comfort zones, however, many people love the course and it find it an inspirational, motivational and fun experience. In 2011/2012, the 52 delegates who took part, 48 voted the programme 10 out of 10. 

4. Besides developing outstanding presentation skills, are there any other benefits by taking part on the programme?

Because presenting to groups is by far the biggest challenges people face or the most uncomfortable thing most people have to do, then if you can deliver presentations quite successfully, then delegates report back on other major benefits in their lives.  I have had feedback from delegates who have stated that they now more self confidence and a much more positive attitude. Because of this, they have been able to take on other challenges in their lives that they previously couldn’t face New doors have opened. 

5. Does the programme qualify for cpd?

There is 8 hours cpd given for taking part on the programme. This is a full day course and it is 9 hours in duration including lunch breaks.

6. Do you get help with your slides and how to structure a Presentation?

Ashley has personally delivered over 4500 programmes, presentations and courses since 1999, so he has bags of experience and tips which he will share with you over the day. He will also share with you the structure to a presentation and the many doe’s and don’ts. There are also bags of opportunity during the day to ask lots of questions.

7. Is there any Follow Up After?

Ashley will continually help and provide further coaching if necessary after the programme. There is no charge for this. 

Still Some Questions?

If you have answered yes to any of the above questions, then we can definitely help you!
See Our FAQs page!

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Life Skills Bootcamp - Develop Self Confidence and Learn Essential Skills for Life

Where? Radcliffe, Manchester
When? 27 October 2014
9.30am - 5pm

Everyone knows how competitive it is in the world today, your children will need a new skill set so that they can stand out against their competition. We have developed a programme to help them develop new skills and attitudes that will help them sell themselves better in interviews and to develop extra self-confidence and a more positive attitude.

Price £234 inc. VAT per person

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High Impact Presentation Skills Course - Manchester (November 2014)

Where? Radcliffe, Manchester
When? Monday 24 November 2014
8.45am - 5.30pm

Learn how to present to an audience/group/one to one. We use powerful techniques to improve the performance of your presentations and your effectiveness in front of groups and teams. We use use one-to-one coaching, DVD and TV, allowing participants to make major breakthroughs.

Price £594 inc. VAT per person

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Course Testimonials

  • James Goolnik

    When I came back to the practice I realised that my whole team needed to do it

  • Anoop Maini

    Without a doubt your course had a major impact on my self perception, my personal confidence and my ability to communicate with my patients about my dentistry and to educate them on the benefits my care could offer them.

  • Paul Stone

    We cannot recommend this programme highly enought; it was one of the most important and beneficial courses many of us have taken : in fact we are all takimg it again ourselves!

  • Andy Denny

    Since working with you I now have the language skill to easily and confidently ask for and gain that commitment from my patients much sooner, which is not only more beneficial to the practice but is also actually helping the patients who are often not only too keen to get started once they have made a decision.

  • Bill Schaeffer

    It’s now been almost 3 months since I took 2-day Ethical Sales Course and my practising life has changed dramatically.

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