Public Speaking Course for Beginners

Learn to present effectively to an audience, groups or even one to one.We use proven techniques to improve your performance and enhance your self confidence.With group and one-to-one coaching, participants make major breakthroughs in an area that may otherwise seem daunting. 

Overcome one of your biggest fears - public speaking.

This programme will teach you the fundamental skills required for speaking in public.  Being able to present in front of groups with confidence and poise is one of the greatest skills that you can possess.  This course will not only enable you to deliver with ease but will also help you in many other situations in life. If this is a skill that you would like to learn and develop, then please watch this video below and read on for more information and to have your questions answered.

Public Speaking Course for Beginners

Outcomes on the day:

  • Presentation Technique.  Learn how to project a more professional image and thereby receive a more consistently positive reaction from an audience. Learn how to highlight key points and issues which will ultimately help you to engage others. 
  • Increase Confidence . Develop a greater belief in yourself and your ability to take control in every situation.
  • How to win the audience over.  Learn how to make your presentations clearer and more concise. Learn how to organise the structure and flow of each presentation.
  • Find out how others perceive us.   Work both individually and collectively to discover what really works within your presentations.  Discover your strengths and how to enhance any weaknesses with group feedback.
  • Selling Ideas.  How to handle and diffuse challenging questions and situations. Respond quickly and succinctly under pressure. 
  • Become more comfortable thinking on your feet.  Develop techniques that allow you to take control no matter what challenges you face during a presentation. 

Please read the answers to the common questions that we get asked about this programme.

1. Who is the programme for?

This programme is for anyone who has difficulty talking in front of others and wants to learn the skills necessary to improve their communication and confidence.

2. How is the programme delivered?

The course is run in small groups. The maximum number we take on the programme is 10. Everyone delivers presentations during the day and receives one to one coaching on how they are perceived and how to improve them. We also use video to highlight how much progress is made throughout the day. For many people this can be a life changing experience.

3. It sounds exciting.

It is!  For many delegates who have taken part; it has been a life changing experience. We have had people who have walked into the programme with very little self confidence and then within a few weeks have been delivering presentations confidently to over 400 delegates. It is designed to enable anyone to operate outside their comfort zone. For many the course has been inspirational, motivational and above all, fun. 

4. Besides learning how to present, are there any other benefits by taking part on the programme?

Absolutely! Self confidence is the greatest asset we possess and those who have taken part have been transformed by this course.  Delegates have reported back on many major benefits in their lives, such as a significant improvement in their self confidence and a much more positive attitude. Because of this, they have been able to take on other challenges in their lives that they previously thought were beyond them.

5. Does the programme qualify for CPD?

There is an 8 hour CPD certificate for taking part on the programme. 

6. Still Some Questions?

Then don't hesitate to contact us on 0161 724 8728.

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Public Speaking Course for Beginners - Manchester (June 2015)

Location: Radcliffe, Manchester

Dates: Monday 29 June 015

Time: 8.45am - 5.30pm

Learn to present effectively to an audience, groups or even one to one.We use proven techniques to improve your performance and enhance your self confidence.With group and one-to-one coaching, participants make major breakthroughs in an area that may otherwise seem daunting. Coach for this programme is Alistair Mann.

Price £594 inc. VAT per person

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Course Testimonials

  • Dr Khaled Zoud, Consultant Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon, Sydney

    Thanks so much for a fabulous course - it was a revelation...Definitely worth the trip all the way from down-under. The course continued for Prashant and I on the 26 hour flight back home and I think I was overcoming sales objections (something I am not usually comfortable with) in my sleep on the plane!! I will keep in touch and let you know how well it goes with my patients

  • Dr Prashant Patel, Sydney Dental Specialists

    Just returned home after a long but exciting day seeing 4 new patients, all of whom have accepted treatment. At least one or two of the new patients would not have done so if it was not for my new found skills. Granted my delivery is far from perfect but the level of comfort and ease created via your approach makes the first appointment far more fun and pleasurable for both

  • Lesley Morgan-Barlow

    I had high expectations in attending your course and I am happy to say you far exceeded them. Attending it was undoubtedly the best business decision we have made this year, and attending it together which gave us a joined up approach was the second best decision, my only regret is that we didn’t involve the whole team but they are enjoying reading your book ‘Don’t wait for the Tooth Fairy’ and we will be investing in some in-house training in the very near future

  • Jaswinder Gill

    Can't recommend Ashley's course enough. It has totally turned around the way I discuss treatment plans with my patients. This has in turn had a dramatic improvement in practice turnover

  • Rachel Worth, Treatment Coordinator

    I was fairly new to the Treatment Coordinator role and was struggling to discuss money and close my appointments but since your course I’m doing so much better... this month I've seen 17 new patients and 15 have booked in for treatment plans so needless to say the boss is happy too!

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