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  • Tom Stapleton

    Hi Ashley
    Just a quick message to thank your for the course you ran last week. I have put it into practise (reluctantly with some patients) and can't believe the responses. Patients I assumed who were happy with their appearance have got all sorts of things they want to get off their chest. The uptake in treatment plan acceptance has markedly increased in just a few days and I wouldn't say I'm exactly slick with my discussions as of yet.
    Hopefully this will carry on!

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  • Dr Angelo Lazaris

    Although I was initially sceptical about the value of this course, I was refreshingly surprised to find that Ashley’s approach was the polar opposite of the “hard sell” tactics promoted by others, that treat our patients and profession with contempt. Ashley presented a methodical, comprehensive and well-structured course that caters for all spectrums of private dental practice that I highly-recommend for all dentists and staff. His candour, knowledge and approachability make this course on patient communication and ethical sales techniques a "must do" for anyone who takes the business of dentistry seriously.

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  • Dr Kamini Mistry

    Ok, so a week later since the course and I have definitely noticed a change in my mentality and attitude-mainly not assuming or judging patients needs, or being prejudice. My nurse has noticed too, and as a result she is more positive, which is having a great effect on rapport with the patients! I am also not dropping the prices of private treatment :)...I think every day I have been at work since being on the course, I have offered a lot more private work than previously, and to people I wouldn't have expected to be able to afford it...
    Thanks again for your help

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  • Dr Graham Murphy

    The course has left me with a lasting impression and changed (cured as you would say) me MUCH for the better, no longer acting like a charity!... I am memorising and practising your teaching daily, especially the cushion ---> Question-->- Else --> Chattering teeth ---> Chip Shop door for overcoming objections, it's really good - really useful!..I find your test close and questions brilliant when conversing with people whether at work or conducting business out of work....See you November then, hopefully with the team !!

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  • Dr Matthew J Casey

    Ashley provides a structure to communicate effectively. It centred around rapport building, actively listening to our patients, utilising simple language that our patients understand, establishing the emotional connection or impact that their current dental problems are having in their life and structuring a plan by giving hope and directly giving the patient the solution and focusing in on the benefits of the treatment....I found Ashley highly entertaining, engaging, thought provoking, intelligent and inspiring to learn from and implement required changes...I would certainly recommend this course even to the most experienced, successful dentists as there is always concepts to revise, or something to take away and learn.

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  • Dr Dev Patel

    Hi Ashley,
    Just wanted to thank you again for delivering another amazing two day course. The whole journey home Dariush was raving on about how excited he is to try his new skills and how stupid he feels for missing this out for so many years. You have honestly changed my life and hopefully the rest of my teams as well

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  • Nahal Sadry

    Thanks again for your amazing course. I really enjoyed myself and left with a lot of positive energy.

    I applied all that you taught me and guess what, I closed today more than £3500 of private treatments, some of them with nhs exempt patients!

    I really enjoyed building rapport with my patients, it made my day so much more interesting.

    I felt so confident and could suddenly see the buying signals clearly.

    I can not thank you enough, your course was by far the best investment I ever did!

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  • Peju Adeniran

    Just to encourage you Ashley that your 'hard work" on me has not been in vain... As we speak , my private income is almost triple what I had this time last year ...Thanks for your wise words ... applicable for life ... not just dentistry

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  • Brooks Haney

    Ashley has by far the most thorough ETHICAL sales course I have ever attended. It is tremendous material & he has it so well put together. I took my staff with me from Dallas to Atlanta a couple of years ago. Actually Dr. Erin Elliott helped Ashley present the material. They were both outstanding. For a young dentist, like yourself, the sooner you learn these techniques the better

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  • Dr T. C Patel

    They were perhaps the best two days of learning I have been on for a very long time. Excellent work by all your team, including Bill and Steve. All three of us are excited about putting this into motion from tomorrow.... I have already and need to be prompted on saturday by Anita on one or two things but did sell one sinus lift and 3 implants including booked appointments

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  • Dr Raid Ali

    I wanted to catch up with you after the course...within the first week I had converted 4 Otho consultations into treatment plans in addition to 2 implants consultations to go ahead to next stage
    It has been a pleasure and the course had paid for itself the very next day, I will be recommending the course to all my friends

    Thank you again for all your help

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  • Gill Haskell

    After much thought and deliberation we decided to close our two practices (10 surgeries in total) for two days and have the whole team trained by Ashley... Has it been worth it ?? ....Absolutely !!! We are busier than ever, the team is happier and inspired and gelled together and the profit is increased - everyone is happy !! Thank you Ashley - a "Dental gem"

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  • Nick Cavuoto

    'Ridiculously inspirational’ is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Ashley. I've had the pleasure of collaborating with Ashley at Six Month Smiles on several projects and sales courses. I've always been in awe of Ashley's ability to command a room and get people on board with unique methodologies or ideas — even people who were initially completely resistant. He's approachable, extremely personable, spitting-funny and enjoys a nice beer to celebrate success. As a leading executive, business professional and presenter Ashley earns my utmost recommendation

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  • Dr Finlay Sutton

    I did Ashley's course a month and a half ago. The results have been absolutely fantastic... the increase in uptake of treatment plans has been terrific. Ashley has helped me with my newsletter and the number of referrals has also increased. If you are considering taking Ashley's course I can't recommend it enough

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  • Dr Khaled Zoud, Consultant Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon, Sydney

    Thanks so much for a fabulous course - it was a revelation...Definitely worth the trip all the way from down-under. The course continued for Prashant and I on the 26 hour flight back home and I think I was overcoming sales objections (something I am not usually comfortable with) in my sleep on the plane!! I will keep in touch and let you know how well it goes with my patients

    Read about my Ashley Latter experience
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