S05 E16: Building a 10-practice dental business based on what you learned from your Dad

Today we welcome the co-owner and Operations Director for a 10-practice West Midlands micro-corporate – Tri-Dental – a warm welcome to Polly Bhambra.

Buckle up and get ready for the ride – because Polly is a powerhouse of enthusiasm for what it takes to grow a Champions League dental business in the current challenging landscape.

Polly shares with us her unique childhood and career pathway and in this interview you will learn:

About her childhood – one of five children of Indian immigrant parents from India who arrived with nothing in the 1960’s; How her father (known locally as “Mr. Singh”) grew his own business and instilled in his children a work-ethic and people-ethic that forms the core values of Tri-Dental today; Why “respect” is one of those core values; Why “bitching is bullying” and what to do about it; The 4 questions Polly always asks herself when interviewing new team members and clinicians; How Tri-Dental onboard new team members and then keep them self-motivated; Polly’s own unique career pathway (no spoilers here – but you’ll never guess); Why and how she bought a derelict dental practice in 2006 and how it has grown into Tri-Dental; Dealing with the current recruitment and retention crisis; What do do and say when a team member presents you with a better offer from a new Employer and asks you to match it.; How Polly sees the next 18 months in dentistry UK.

This interview is a belter and we are so grateful that Polly gave us her time and shared her story and insights.

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