Bounce back Strategies

We are currently in challenging times. On top of the pandemic, there is talk of a deep recession, one that might last many years. I have lived through four recessions, this will be my fifth, and what I have discovered is that there will be winners and losers. Some practices will do well, while others … Continue reading Bounce back Strategies

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Winners and Losers

If you are reading this can I both thank and congratulate you. Most of you are probably preparing to open your doors to the public again and getting back to what you love to do. I know from speaking and coaching hundreds of dentists over the last three months, you are really looking forward to … Continue reading Winners and Losers

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Patients will buy when they are ready to buy, not when you are ready to sell to them

Let me ask you a question? Have you made a significant purchase in your life recently, but took a while to make this purchase? You may have been thinking of purchasing for a while, but you were just not quite ready. Maybe you were doing a lot of research, visiting different shops or researching varies … Continue reading Patients will buy when they are ready to buy, not when you are ready to sell to them

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Refer a friend

Do you want to know what is the most effective, yet underused referral strategy? Simply ask for them. After teaching dentists and their teams for over 22 years I have discovered that there are many different reasons as to why they don’t ask for referrals. However, one thing I have come to realise is that … Continue reading Refer a friend

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Make things happen

I hope you are having a great summer. I have just returned from a 12 day holiday in Greece with my family and we had a fantastic time. I loved just sitting on the beach, reading books and enjoying long meals spending real quality time with Grace and my two girls Enrica and Martina. We … Continue reading Make things happen

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After working in the dental industry for the last 23 years, I have discovered that there is one major issue that holds back growth, and it is that many dental practices operate in the dark when it comes to setting fees.
Dentists regularly guess at what they should be charging and give ballpark prices. When it comes to research, that usually means looking at what the competition nearby is doing and then undercutting them slightly. That just does not make sense as it leads to smaller profit margins and jeopardizing the future.
It is time to shed some light on the mysterious and elusive topic of pricing. Here are a few things you should know

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I have often heard that students are clinically ready to head out into the world of dentistry, but when they do so they’re bright-eyed and not rounded professionals ready to hit the ground running. That’s not a criticism – far from it. More of an observation from many senior voices within the profession. One of those areas is a soft skill that takes a lot of hard work – even for seasoned dental professionals. Discussing finances with patients can be difficult, so Anish Patel spoke to Ashley Latter about how students can be ready to make the leap.

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Asking your patients if they will do a video can be uncomfortable, but the more you do ask, the easier it will become, I promise it will become more comfortable the more you ask. However, just consider the benefits of having these videos.

Make it a mission in your practice to ask for video testimonials at the end of treatment, I think you will be surprised how many will do them for you. Put them on your website and have them ready to show patients on an iPad or computer.

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During the last 25 years, I have personally delivered more than 24,000 hours of business training to the dental market, all over the world. I have delivered these programmes in practices and in venues. During this time, I have discovered what the brilliant practices do and they have a very common thread – they are all very proactive. I have also discovered that they do things a little differently to other practices, so here are five off-the-wall strategies to help grow your turnover and profits.

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We appreciate that your time is valuable and not everyone can afford to take two days off work, sometimes three with travel to attend my two day Ethical Sales and Communication Programme.

With this in mind we are delighted to introduce to you The NEW Ethical Sales and Communication Online Programme with a special offer. We have 20 voucher codes to give away….

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Everybody loves a juggler! The precise and skillful way in which they can keep all those balls in the air, without even appearing to break sweat; it can be mesmerising to watch.

In many ways, practice managers, are the jugglers of the dental profession, moving from task to task, dealing with each individual issue, focused and dedicated to resolving every challenge, without ever dropping a single ball.

Top class communication skills are crucial in order to maximise results from team meetings and encourage your team come up with ideas to take your practice to the next level. Here are five easy steps to make your meetings more productive.

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When I visit dental practices in the UK, I am often surprised that many of these practices don’t make a better effort in selling their consumables and oral health products. I regularly see half hearted, shabby displays, with empty shelves, often very dusty. When I ask at reception how are the consumable sales going, I get an unenthusiastic answer and the classic line, “We cannot compete with Tesco and Asda”. Let’s be honest who can? But if that is the mind-set of the practice, then we might as well give up now.
Did you know though that you could actually be sitting on a potential gold mine?

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Although no one likes receiving a complaint, they present you with an opportunity to identify and rectify specific problems with your current systems or service. They can also help you to develop your relationship with your patient, by allowing you to demonstrate that you value their business by taking their concerns seriously and dealing with their complaint. So believe it or not, they are good for business. It gives you an opportunity to become a hero; however, it also means that if you don’t deal with it effectively, you can become a villain

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One of the biggest challenges a leader faces is influencing their team, getting the best out of them and of course getting them to do jobs willingly with a smile on their face.

How many times have you ever woken up in the middle of the night thinking about a difficult team member or how you can sell an idea to the dentist? If this is you, then don’t worry you are not on your own. There are probably hundreds of Practice Managers up and down the country facing the same challenges.

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Have you ever considered how much a new Patient is worth to your Practice? In fact have you ever had the discussion at a team meeting to discuss this all so important question?

If you have heard me speak, or maybe read some of my previous articles you will know that a new patient enquiry to your Practice could be worth at least £5,000. If a new patient joins your Practice, maybe joins your plan and sticks around for ten years, has a little bit of treatment, they will probably spend that amount with you. That does not include any referrals that they may also introduce to the Practice.

Without doubt the Reception Team are the most important people within the Dental Practice. They are the first point of contact when a patient either telephones or visits.

Here are seven simple tips to help Receptionists deal with new enquiries to ensure they are most productive and profitable.

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