Develop World Class Ethical Sales & Communication Skills at a Significant Discount off the normal fees

Ask yourself these questions…

  • Have you spent £1000s on technical courses, but feel that you haven’t achieved the success that you would have liked?
  • Do you find it challenging to discuss fees? Do you find that you have a fee in your head, but by the time it comes out you have reduced it?
  • Would you like to have more of your patients saying YES to your treatment plans all in an ethical manner?
  • Do you want to increase your private treatment over the NHS?
  • Are you a dentist that has graduated in the last 3 years? (We have some great news for you please read on)

If the answer is YES to any of these questions, then we can help you!

Research has shown, that 85% of your success in a consultation, is down to how good and competent your communication skills are and only 15% is applicable to your technical skills, yet most dentists spend most of their time developing their technical skills and virtually no time developing these essential communication skills. That is why the courses included in the Ashley Latter Success Club are some of the most important programmes you can take, and you can join over 34,000 delegates who have taken these programmes all over the UK and in 15 other countries worldwide over the last 25 years.

The good news is, because you can spread the payments monthly at a significant discount off the normal fees, it has never been so easy to start developing these essential skills.

So, what is the Success Club?

The Success Club is a continual 18-month-long development programme for ambitious Dentists, Orthodontists, CDTs, TCOs and team members who want to develop World Class Ethical Sales & Communication Skills. The major benefits are that you will never forget the skills that you learn, ensuring that every day you are applying the correct communication skills, attitudes, and self-confidence, allowing you to have more patients say yes to your treatment plans in an ethical manner.

Our clients report back a significant increase in case acceptance, turnover, and increased income. However, the main benefit they tell us, is that they are now delivering the dentistry they love to do, and most importantly their patients want. Often before taking our courses, many dentists have invested in a technical course, in the equipment, but have not fulfilled their full potential. Clients tell us that our programmes are the missing link, our courses help them bridge this gap. If you are an NHS dentist, we will help grow your private income, becoming less reliant on the NHS for your income.

Over the 18 months you can take part in three face-to-face programmes, these include:

  • Two-day Ethical Sales & Communication Course (link enclosed) normally £1750.
  • One Day Advanced Masterclass Ethical Sales Course (link enclosed) normally £900.
  • One Day Speaking & Self Confidence Course (link enclosed) normally £595.

Major Benefits

  • Ongoing development over 18 months
  • Life-long skills that you will never forget.
  • Over a lifetime as a dentist, this programme will bring about a significant return on your investment. Many dentists get their investment back and more within the first week of being back in the practice.
  • All our courses are a proper behaviour change. It is self-development, not shelf development.
  • Increased self-confidence and a much-improved attitude of success and accomplishment
  • Access to Ashley Latter if you need one-to-one coaching.
  • Follow-up coaching calls.
  • Spread payments over a period.
  • 24/7 access to my online courses for life.
  • 32 hours CPD

Here is some feedback from some clients that have completed the success club and what they found by taking part in the 18-month programme.

”Dear Ashley,

I hope you are well.

I just wanted to say Thank you. Since I have done your communication course, it has changed my life (both personal and professional) as well as I have been able to change patients’ life too.

As I always tell you are one of the most inspiring personalities I have ever met. I am so glad that I did your course. The course has influenced me so much to develop myself, not only as a dentist but also as a person.

I have recently stopped NHS work and doing private only.  I wouldn’t have taken this decision if I haven’t done your course. I feel it is worth taking risk and I enjoy going to work now.

I am ever so grateful to you. Thank you again.”

-Laxmi Hegde
Burnham House Dental Practice

“I had wanted to take the Ethical Sales and Communication course with Ashley for some time and having read his books cover-to-cover on several occasions, there was no time like the present to build on the foundations laid down by the books!

Since taking the course, I have found that my ability to convey treatment options and the advantages of private treatment modalities has increased massively, and I feel that patients are now much more willing to take up options with a greater financial commitment. I find that I am enjoying work more, because I am taking more time to build rapport with patients, I feel their trust in me has grown as well. I cannot recommend Ashley’s success club highly enough: he is unrivalled in his ability to teach and inspire, and I can say from experience that the outlay on the course had been recouped in less than one working week. Sign up as soon as you can, and you will not regret it! Take your practice to the next level.”

-Garry Wilson,
MyDentist Priory Road, Anfield

“The benefits since finishing the success club the next day were amazing!

I have increased my income over the last month by 180% I could not believe it! My advice to you is that if you can take the course now then just do it.

I am 13 years into dentistry and just wish that I had done it sooner!”

-Abirami Thillai,
MyDentist St Ives Cambridge

“The benefits from taking the courses have been huge!

My whole patient consultations have changed, the questions that I am asking, the way I engage more with the patients has changed a lot and the results have been astounding!

I am doing more Invisalign cases than I have ever done before. The advice I would give is that if you are thinking about it then just do it!”

-Jonathan Skidmore
MyDentist Wigan

“This course is one of the best investments that I have ever made. I cannot begin to explain what an incredible and enlightening two days I had on this course. I have been working as a dentist for 13 years and I learnt more in two days about communication and selling than I ever have. This course is extremely valuable and an essential for not only all dentists but also the entire dental team!

Ashley made the course super fun and enjoyable. He was extremely accommodating and approachable to everyone on the course who was needing advice for their own business. He goes above and beyond for all of his students and is so I am grateful to have found a lifelong mentor. I cannot thank him enough!”

-Afiah Khan
Clyde Munro Dental Group

Fees are only a joining fee of £330 and 18 monthly payments of £134.40, saving £1944.80. Dentists that have graduated in the last 2 years will pay no joining fee.

Once you have paid your joining fee you will receive a unique login for your online programmes which include: The online Ethical Sales & Communication Course, the Google Review and Referral Programme. You will also receive in the post the two books ‘Don’t wait for the Tooth Fairy’ & ‘You are worth it’.

To enquire how we can help you or sign up to this unique programme, please contact Ashley, Enrica or Lissa on 0161 724 8728 or email