S05 E20: An end of year special with Chris and Ashley

On todays ‘Two Reds are Better than One Podcast’ Ashley and Chris discuss their highs and lows of 2022 and share their goals and aspirations for 2023. Like never before, Ashley and Chris open their hearts and share some very personal stories and as usual, there is no holding back. As usual, there are many lessons and takeaways for your own personal and business life. In this podcast you will discover;
• How a Hotel seriously messed up one of Ashley’s Courses and how shabbily they dealt with the issue, losing a £200,000 client overnight. This is how not to deal with complaints.
• How a One Star google review caused a few sleepless nights for Ashley and how he managed to move on
• How to develop resistance in your life and how to bounce back after serious set backs
• How at the age of 69, Chris Barrow has finally given into the PACE not RACE philosophy
• The impact climbing the highest mountain in Italy has had on Chris
• Chris scores himself 3/10 as a new grandfather and he shares what he is going to do to improve his score.
• Why everyone needs a Coach or some one to cry on
• How Chris and Ashley have survived several recessions and their final message to all their listeners to make 2023 a good one.