S06 E05: ‘It Does Not Get Greener than this’- Building an amazing practice and a team who love to come to work

One of the biggest challenges Owners and Practice Managers face is creating a highly motivated team that performs at a top level all of the time.
A culture in which everyone loves coming to work to do their best, and in which they know they can reach their full potential. 
A culture that very few practices manage to achieve. 
Marina and Michael Chan have succeeded within their stunning Dental Practice, Iconic Dentistry & Medispa in Perth in Western Australia. 
Not only is the interior of the Practice beautiful, including a self-playing piano in the reception area, creating a surreal atmosphere, that patients love to come to and often travel long distances to visit.
Ashley recently delivered an In House Two Day Ethical Sales & Communication Programme for their whole Practice and over lunch, one of their team members commented about the culture and said “It does not get any greener than here” and that is how this interview came about.
In this interview, Ashley and Chris grill both Marina and Michael, to understand what they do every day to create such a wonderful culture. 
You will discover,
• Where the Chan’s got their inspiration for the decor of their Practice
• How thinking about their team is a daily obsession 
• What is the moist important asset in their office
• The importance of the ‘Morning Huddle’ and a precise description of what happens at 07:45 every morning
• The four days of training and retreats that take place every year for the whole team, what goes on and why 
• The whole teams obsession with constantly improving and reaching their full potential
• How the Chans have created an environment where every voice is heard and new ideas are created
• How they recruit and what are the most important things they look for in new people
• The one attribute each team member must bring into work every day, absolutely no compromise here.
And much more.
This is one of the longest interviews the ‘Two Reds”‘ have facilitated, ensure you have a pen and paper to write down the many ideas you will get from listening.