S06 E07: Why you should advise your children to get into dentistry – an interview with Eddie Small

Ashley and I have known and worked with Gareth and Amanda Small at Helens Bay Dental Practice for so many years that Eddie remembers us as part of their dinner conversation when he and his sister Emily came home from school.

Emily is now a dental therapist working in Dubai and Eddie is a dentist who commutes between London and Helens Bay (just outside Belfast) on a weekly basis.

In this conversation, we trace Eddie’s life so far (one of our youngest ever guests) from thinking about dentistry at the age of 6, becoming more interested in his parent’s work from age 11 and deciding on a dental qualification as soon as his GCSE’s were completed.

Then to the University of Manchester (great choice Eddie) and happy years during which he was expertly mentored by Professor Siobhan Barry and also met numerous people from whom and with whom he learned.

Eddie became Co-President of the Undergraduate Society and helped to chair their annual conference post-Covid.

From this time he also recalls a training course attended with his father over in the Czech Republic with Dr. Josef Kunkela – a course at which he met the presenter’s son and others of his own age group – all attending with parents – a fraternity that inspired him to do more.

Key words for Eddie are “passion”, “learning”, “innovation”.

After graduation he worked as a Foundation Dentist in Sunningdale, Berkshire and has many happy memories of that time to share.

As stated, he now splits his time between England and Northern Ireland and frequently introduces digital workflow ideas to his parents, who remain totally open-minded to every suggestion promoted.

This is a success story – about dentistry, family and dedication.

We think you should share the podcast with others who either have children or parents who may be inspired.

Eddie also kindly offers to answer direct questions confidentially – you can reach him at eddy9570@gmail.com