S06 E09: ‘Paid’- The 10 secrets to being richly rewarded for the value you deliver

In this latest episode of ‘Two Reds are Better than One’ Chris and Ashley interview Peter Thomson. Peter shares many strategies from his latest book ‘Paid’ Peter Thomson has been in business for over 51 years and he has been in the Personal Development world for 30 years. He has written 15 books, and produced over a 100 business programmes. This episode was a true masterclass in communication, sales and making sure you get richly rewarded for the value you bring to your patients. We strongly advise you listen to this podcast twice and make notes, there are some wonderful quotes that will change the way you think and behave. In this episode, you will discover:
• The difference between Transactional and Relationship Clients 
• The real reason (s) why dentists undercharge 
• Why only a small percentage of clients buy on price 
• What a client can judge when they do business with you and how it relates to what fees you charge 
• Why you should learn ‘how to sell and then not sell’
• That sales takes place in the gathering stage 
• The ‘Contrast Strategy’ and its importance before you discuss your fees
• How writing a book can transform your positioning in the market- place
• The two bowls, customer service and reward. To get richly rewarded it is what you put in the customer service bowl and you will hear examples
• One simple strategy to keep your patients for over 40 years 

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