S06 E10: Why 2024 will be a great time to buy a dental practice

S conversation with Lis Hughes – Managing Director – FTA It’s not often that we get the chance to listen to an industry expert sharing with us her view of the dental landscape since lockdown to the present – and beyond. Lis arrived at Frank Taylor Associates in 2008 to deliver some consultancy work – and has stayed there ever since, describing the company as a great place to work with nice people. During our conversation we discuss topics that will be of interest to all existing Owners and equally those who aspire to buy a practice:
• The current challenges we face
? deal flow
? goodwill values
? recruitment & retention
? corporate consolidation
? white space
? high interest rates
• The most important question any potential buyer must ask
• Why an NHS/private mix represents a good buying opportunity
• Ideas to maximise the attractiveness of your practice if you want to sell
• How to get the bank to say “Yes” to funding your purchase
• Why you need to start talking 2 years before you sell or buy
• Why a dental plan can make your practice look more attractive to the bank
• Why flexible UDAs have changed the landscape
• What we need to do to make NHS delivery more attractive to associates
• The real due diligence – affordability
• The next 12 months – opportunity knocks


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