S06 E11: Lessons in Innovation and Leadership- A conversation with Ashley Byrne

Our guest for this month’s podcast is dental technician Ashley Byrne – Owner Byrne Dental Laboratory, one of the largest and most advanced in the UK and now part of the European Corus Group. In the first part of our interview, Ashley reviews the opportunity in digital workflow:
• The sheer magic of IOS;
• Why using intra-oral scanners can save time, increase staff retention/morale and engage patents in their oral health to an extent never before seen.
We also discuss how important it is to advance along the adoption cycle and embrace every aspect of technology – Ashley even shares his “latest” innovation, using augmented reality in dentistry. Part 2 of our podcast looks at his leadership skills with a team of over 50 people:
• How to get your team to 5th gear;
• The “no blame culture” and the £4,000 mistake;
• Why he cooks 180 rashers of bacon on a Sunday evening.
It’s a fun session and totally inspirational – do yourself a favour and listen now.

Click to listen: