S07 E02: We do things differently down here

If you walk round Manchester city centre, you will often see the above statement, ‘ WE DO THINGS DIFFERENTLY HERE’  which glorifys Manchester’s achievements in the world and why Mancuncians are different. We have tweaked the above statement slightly for our guest today and you will see why when you listen to the interview. 
Born in Glasgow, Lawrence decided to take some time out to travel the world and then visited Sydney 11 years ago to do some dentistry for several months. He ended up staying and now Lawrence is partner in Spa Dental  Dentist in Sydney CBD | Spa Dental Sydney CBD and three other Practices around Sydney.
He is in the top five producers of Invisalign in the whole of Australia and as you listen to Lawrence you will clearly see how obsessive he is about the ‘Patient Journey’ and how they stand out from a very crowded market place.
Have a pen and note pad to make lots of notes, this interview is full of gems. 
You will discover; 
• How his practice and his team obsess about customer service 
• You will understand his philosophy behind the refurbishment. of Spa Dental, to make it completely different to any other DP
• The absolute mission of giving the patient a completely different experience to any other dental practices 
• How the practice gets five start google reviews and how they educate the patient  on what to write.
• Google reviews you need 150 of them before you get on the start line
• The steps to the perfect patient journey and consultation 
• How most of the work has been done before the patient has even visited the practice 
• ‘The hidden camera’ you will have to wait to the very end to hear about this strategy 
• The super associate what it means 
• Instagram – how to make it a success

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