S07 E03: The Monthly Action Plan- How to get the best out of your team, so that they can achieve their full potential

This week we interviewed David Taylor, an ex Dale Carnegie International Master Trainer & Leadership Trainer, who shares the benefits of developing a Monthly Action Plan.
Many Dental Practices report that finding the right people, retaining them and the paying their true worth challenging, this concept can help in all three areas and can make the Dental Practice a much more productive and a happier environment
On this podcast you will discover;
• What is an ‘Action Monthly Plan’ and the benefits it brings to the Dental Practice 
• How to conduct an accountability meeting with your team
• Hear some example of how it raises the performance of your team and how they get really excited about being part of something bigger
• How to have challenging conversations with your team and associates without creating a toxic atmosphere
• The Wall flower concept and how it changed the direction of Chris, Ashley and Dave’s career for the better and how you can have the same impact with your team
• Recite of Paddi Lunds 8 non negotiables in his Practice 
• New Recruits-How to have a ‘Expectations Contract’ right at the start and the benefits it brings to the Dental Practice’ 

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