S07 E04: Top Tips for starting, growing and selling your dental business- and the rose of bespoke CRM software in the modern dental practice

An interview with Dengro CEO – Neil Stephen Listeners – if you think this month’s podcast is an advert for Dengro – think again. CEO Neil Stephen has a fascinating CV, including starting and selling a number of international tech businesses over the years, as well as running The London Olympic Beach Volleyball competition in 2012. He “gets” business and speaks with the authority of having worn all the t-shirts in business development over the years. In our conversation we discuss:
• Why a fascination for building teams led him into the tech sector;
• His previous life in business and how he ended up as CEO of Britain’s most popular Dental CRM company;
• Top tips for start ups – whether tech or dental;
• More top tips when you come to sell your business and when (and when not) to take on investors;
• Probably the clearest explanation of the benefits of CRM that you will ever hear;
• Crossing the implementation gap – how to get your team to buy into and start using new technology;
• What’s coming – where A.I and telecoms innovation are going to take CRM and dental practice management over the next three years.
This conversation is a cracker – line this up for a commute, a dog walk or wherever you enjoy your podcasts the most – and prepare to be educated and entertained by a true business leader.

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