S07 E05: The Curious Dentist

It’s a delight this month to listen to the founder of a Champions League dental practice in the beautiful Lake District – Neil Cooper has been a friend and a client of both of us for many years.
Here, we delve into Neil’s childhood fascination with how things work and an early dedication to a career in dentistry, based on his experiences as a child patient.

Following Neil to school, university, early days as a VT and associate, we then discover what happened when he caught the Ownership bug and used a unique approach to become co-purchaser of an antiquated practice on Kendal High Street.

It’s now a 7-surgery clinic with a brilliant team, providing the highest complexity of dentistry.
Throughout his career, Neil has always responded to the phrase “that will never work here”, with a determination to prove the critics wrong.

As you listen, you will also hear about Bex Cooper and the contribution she has made to the development of the business since the pandemic.
It’s a fantastic story about a fantastic practice created by lovely people – you will be inspired.