S6 E03: The Secrets to Finding a Passion in Dentistry- How to Start a brand new dental clinic and prosper from day one

In this month’s podcast we interview Chris Ball – Co-Founder of a super-successful private squat in Preston, Lancashire – Dentistry by Cure Clinics.
For anyone considering future practice ownership, anyone who has purchased or opened a clinic in the last few years – and for anybody who may have “lost their mojo” – this conversation is a must. Chris shares with us his personal life story and also a detailed account of the planning and execution of the squat opening in May 2022. By the way – the business has been a huge success story with record sales, full surgeries and they have had to close down the recruitment page on their website BECAUSE THEY WERE GETTING TOO MANY JOB APPLICANTS. You’ll learn that Chris is a local lad to Preston, grew up in a family that instilled his work ethic, discovered dentistry as a trauma patient and managed to get into dental school on his third attempt. We will discover why the phrase “luck is the meeting place of opportunity and preparation” is to relevant to the circumstances in which the concept was born – a conversation with his Pharmacist brother at Christmas 2021, that led to the plans for and creation of the clinic. In this podcast you will also hear:
• The communication rules for a successful family business;
• How the clinic manages to stay open for business 7 days a week;
• The story of the pre-registration campaign that had thousands of potential new patients asking for information before the doors opened;
• The marketing campaign that had a film crew arriving to create a news-piece for The lancashire Evening Post;
• The chance encounter in a Cornwall restaurant that resulted in the appointment of their Patient-Experience Coordinator;
• How best to avoid burn out;
• What next for Cure Clinics?
Chris Ball will inspire you and remind you that with a combination of careful preparation, collaboration, core values and future-thinking, anything is possible.