This month’s podcast guest Dr. Simon Gallier shares with us his unique journey through life and his ground-breaking approach to applying the principles of the John Lewis Partnership into dental practice ownership.

After leaving Manchester Grammar School for the Manchester Dental School, Simon became an army cadet and this led him from the Army Dental Corps to becoming part of an elite group within the Parachute Regiment. Not your every-day dental career pathway.

Having moved from the military back to Civvie Street (although he continued for 10 years in the Reserve Forces), Simon soon started buying practices including two dental and one aesthetic clinic in Harley Street but it wasn’t long before he was looking at retail high-street dentistry, many years before Boots and others considered this distribution method.

He pioneered the use of lasers in UK dentistry and became Clinical Director of a major corporate before returning to his independent search for excellence.

Along the way came a fascination with the vision that had taken John Lewis from one store to the company they are today and their philosophy of making all employees “partners” in the growth of the organisation. Today he is CEO of Future Health Partnership, a revolutionary micro-corporate who embrace the employee partnership philosophy.

As well as hearing all about Simon’s extraordinary journey, we will hear some of his guiding principles, based on what he learned in the military, in retail and in corporate life – messages for all owners and managers about what makes elites successful – and how to play at the top of your game whilst serving your community.

You will learn how to transform a workforce who turn over at 20% per annum into a team who stay with you for 20 years.  

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