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Location: Manchester

Dates: Summer 2017 - Spring 2018


Price: £ inc. VAT per person

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THIS PROGRAMME IS FULL. PLEASE CONTACT FOR DETAILS OF THE NEXT PROGRAMME. A year-long programme for forward thinking Practice Managers who have plenty of wisdom, are committed to improving their self-development, the profitability of their practice, enhancing their team and are SERIOUS about taking action to make a difference. In short, you are looking for new ideas and a new level of thinking to make to improve your Practice, your personal development and your personal life.

Being a Practice Manager can be one of loneliest jobs in the world. It seems that no one understands what you go through, unless they do it themselves.  The responsibilities are endless, Managing and motivating your team,  dealing with CQC and the ever increasing bureaucracy, delivering good service, dealing with suppliers, marketing for new clients, making sure the bills are being paid and much more.  It can sometimes be 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Over the last few years, both Alistair and I have been delivering Practice Managers Courses all over the UK and the feedback from our clients has been extremely positive, they now tell us they now want a further programme for forward thinking Practice Managers, who want to work together, network with other PMs, develop themselves and take the next step of the journey to success. 

Therefore please allow me to introduce the Serious Players Club to you.

The Serious Players Club

This is a year-long programme for forward thinking Practice Managers who have plenty of wisdom, are committed to improving their self-development, the profitability of their practice, enhancing their team and are SERIOUS about taking action to make a difference. In short, you are looking for new ideas and a new level of thinking to make to improve your Practice, your personal development and your personal life.

The profile of the person who will benefit from this programme will include

  1. You are forward thinking and never stand still
  2. You want to climb the next rung of the ladder
  3. You are looking for new ideas and news levels of thinking to improve your performance
  4. You realise that to get better depends on your own personal development

This programme is unique.  Not only will you get the chance to network with some very sharp people, but you will also get a chance to develop new skills which will include

  • Motivating People to perform at a higher performance
  • Mastering the art of Delegation – learn how to delegate certain aspects of your job to your team members and achieve better results
  • Getting a hold of your time - get more done in the day and use your time more effectively and productively
  • Present to groups with ease and confidence and master the skills of getting ideas from your people and running effective and productive meetings
  • Marketing for new patients, have a blue print to attract new patients, which will include the A to Z of a profitable website
  • How to sell your ideas through better memo/email writing and look at how best to use language in a written format to both colleagues and patients alike
  • Learn how to handle stress and worry both personally and in business

What is the format of the meetings?

The programme will meet one full day a quarter, at our Training Centre in Manchester. In the morning you will be coached in new skills and then in the afternoon we will work on any major challenges or issues that you are currently facing in your own practice/business.

This is where the power of the group really comes into play, as you will have a chance to receive input and ideas from some very shrewd people. Imagine coming to the group with an issue and then receiving coaching and feedback from eleven other Practice Managers who have experienced similar challenges.  Perhaps you need some help with marketing, someone in the group may not only advise you, but can give you the blueprint on how to do it.  I have seen this happen before in previous meetings and these sessions can save you hundreds of hours and thousands of pounds.

What is included in the programme?

  • Four full days, spread over a year. Dates will be decided by you at the first meeting
  • Manuals and support materials for everyone
  • Set of my CD’s “Don’t Wait for the Tooth Fairy” 6 CD set. “You Are Worth It’ DVD.
  • My books – “Don’t Wait for the Tooth Fairy” andYou Are Worth It”
  • Four separate business books selected by us. 
  • CPD Certificates
  • Strategic alliance and joint venture. Superb network opportunities
  • Alistair Mann and Ashley Latter as part of your team for a year and unlimited coaching on request/on-going telephone coaching.
  • In addition, you may attend any of my open courses free of charge; these include Ethical Sales & Communication Programme, Reception Programme, Advanced Ethical Sales & Communication Programme & Presentation Skills for Beginners Programme for the next two years

What outcomes will be achieved?

  • Increased knowledge, confidence and skills to grow a more profitable dental practice
  • On-going motivation and inspiration
  • Develop World Class Leadership Skills
  • The sharing of best practices amongst a very highly successful group. I have handpicked these members, so you will be networking with some very bright clever people
  • Never forget the skills and create a more positive attitude amongst us all
  • New friends/social for life
  • Accountability and follow up
  • Learn from the best, so that you make fewer mistakes in your practice. Whatever problem or challenges you may face, someone in the group would have been there and can provide you with the answers.
  • Work on key issues affecting your practice.
  • A seriously more successful you.

What is your investment?

Only £145 plus vat per month, for 12 months, payable by direct debit, per member. (For the price of one large treatment plan, you can have World Class development for a year)

Who should apply and who should not?

Bluntly this group will not be for everyone and please allow me to share with you some common traits of the people who do well in this environment.

  1. You are forward thinking, want to go places, but realize to get better depends on your own growth and development.
  2. You know you should be doing better, but you are not sure exactly how to go about it. If you know that a few tweaks here and there could make a real difference to you, then this programme is for you.
  3. You are not afraid to try new things. If you knew all the answers you would already be where you wanted to be. If you want different results, then you will not get them by doing the same things. If you are open to new ideas, then you will do very well here.
  4. You are willing to share and help others. This makes sense doesn’t it? There will be times when you will need advice and help, all we ask if you know the answer, you share it with everyone else in the group.
  5. Open minded, need I say more? 

What should you do next?

If you feel this is for you, or you would like to know more, then please email  or call Alessio on 0161 724 8728. He will answer any questions you have and we will honestly tell you if this group is for you.

This group is strictly limited to 12 members, so if you are interested, please contact us immediately.

I hope you can join us. We promise, these meetings will be inspirational, motivational and in some cases could be life changing.

Kind Regards

Ashley Latter & Alistair Mann



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100% No Quibble Guarantee

If after taking one of our courses you feel that you have not developed new skills, and attitudes that will make a real difference to you and your team’s performance, then I will refund the cost of the course no quibble.

That is the Ashley Latter 100% guarantee.


Get yourself on the road to a more profitable practice!

Course Testimonials

  • Georgia Karargyri

    This was one of the best courses I have ever attended. It completely changed my professional life and gave me the tools to communicate better with my patients. Since the course my private income has increased over 90%, but even more amazing, my patients have had treatments with the latest technologies and materials because I can now help them understand better the benefits of these treatments. Sign up for it immediately!

  • Roberta Rizzi

    Your course is really inspirational and energising: I have felt really motivated and focused since back in surgery and I have immediately experienced an increase in my private income. I am really committed to following your methods and your advice, I have found them absolutely life-changing. Thanks to your books and your course I have discovered how full of prejudices I am ( above all, that one toward money) and how bad my listening can be

  • Dr Andrew McSweeney

    Thank you for the webinar last night. Just thought I'd share something quite amazing with you; I've just "closed" £2k of anterior crowns on a patient. I hardly ever manage to secure treatment plans like that, all from the methods you mentioned in your webinar. Mostly from asking questions and from trying to describe solutions in a more exciting way using the patient's language, and then asking her to book in today rather than advising her to "have a think about it"

  • Dr Ravi Solanki

    We are excited to continue to work with you as so far it has had the biggest impact on our business, we have already received a significant return back on our investment and staff morale

  • Dr Gerwyn Rolands

    Essential changes like don't bring up the plan on the phone, photo book, video reviews and hand out some business cards together with asking for referrals alone has made your visit more than worth while.
    I genuinely feel you have given me a blueprint to up our customer service to the next level. I can't wait for your next visit


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