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Wouldn’t it be great if every team member did exactly what they were supposed to do, in exactly the right way? Even better, if every team member went the extra mile for the practice every day. Well, some practice owners can achieve this happy state, but it takes a great deal of focus, and some great people management skills to make it happen. One of the keys to excellent leadership is first class communication and through a series of proven techniques we work on improving self-confidence, clarity and consistency of message to enhance your relationship with staff and colleagues.

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Why should you take this programme?
  • The secrets to enhanced and consistent communication
  • Learn how to present to groups of people, be an inspiration to your team
  • Improve self -confidence to increase effectiveness of presentations to staff
  • Learn how to get your message across concisely, clearly with impact
  • Discover the language that influences people to your way of thinking
  • Inspiring, guiding and motivating team members for maximum effect
  • Discover how to run problem solving meeting effectively. Learn how to get participation from your team members, so that they come up with the ideas themselves. Make your meetings fun, enjoyable and inspirational
  • Employee engagement  – the master key that unlocks performance
  • Personal leadership skills development
  • Discover the key leadership skills, so that you can influence your team to your way of thinking and get them doing things willingly
  • Discover how to change attitudes
  • Develop a three step unique approach on how to give feedback to your team members. Improve the performance of your team members and take your team to a new level of performance
  • Become an outstanding listener and be able to build rapport with all your team members.  Understand how they tick

Your coach for this Programme is David Taylor

“Excellent course and presentation which was delivered professionally by Alistair. I felt challenged and consistently drawn into the exercises and the presentations had my full attention due to the way in which they were structured and conducted. Thank you!!”
Kerry Scott, Practice Manager, Waterden Dental Practice


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