Programme specifically for Front of House & Treatment Co-Ordinators- Convert more of your new enquires into Appointments & Increase your Case Acceptance


This is a specific one-day course for Front of House Team and TCOs dealing with new enquiries over the phone and then on to the face to face consultation.

The Front of House Team are without doubt the most important people within the practice, as they are the first point of call. Depending on how they deal with the new enquiry will determine whether a new patient visits your Practice or go elsewhere. This is your chance to make a world class first impression. The next stage is when the patient visits the practice to meet with the TCO for the initial consultation. This is where we will teach you the six steps to a perfect consultation, helping you convert more of your consultations into treatment. Ultimately creating a seamless truly world-class patient experience from the initial telephone call to the face-to-face consultation.

On this packed day, you will get a chance to practice with other forward thinking TCO’s and Front of House in a positive and motivational environment. This programme is a mixture of presentation, facilitation, discussion, and hands on coaching. Your Receptionists and TCOs will develop new behaviours and new skills, which can be implemented into your Practice, so that your practice will stand out from the competition.

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Here is what is included in the day:

From the first phone call:

  • Discover the skills that are paramount in becoming world class on the telephone.
  • Create a memorable first impression – stand out from the competition.
  • Speak the language of benefits to excite the patient – motivate the patient to take action NOW.
  • Develop outstanding communication skills – eliminate waffle.
  • Discuss your fees with re-assurance and self-confidence. Be proud of your fees – even when you are more expensive than a practice down the road.
  • Design a Practice telephone protocol – know all the steps.
  • Develop a winning attitude and extra self-confidence.
  • Stand out from the competition.
  • Learn how to close and turn more enquiries into appointments.

Having excellent relationships with your patients is the foundation to a successful phone call and consultation. Without rapport, there is no trust.

 In this section you will:

  • Develop the skills to build relationships with potential clients.
  • Become outstanding at building rapport and get them to like you instantly.
  • Develop the techniques to build credibility quickly.
  • Develop the skills to lower client resistance/nervousness.

One of the biggest mistakes many TCO’s make is providing solutions without truly understanding the wants and needs of the patient.

In this section you will:

  • Understand the vital role effective questions play in selling your services and products.
  • Learn how to lead your client through a comfortable, natural series of questions, designed to get the information you need.
  • Become a much more effective listener, learning how to listen to understand listen to respond.
  • Understand the five emotional reasons why patients make decisions when they buy Orthodontic treatment. 

If you want to increase your take up of treatment plans, then the language that you use when presenting is crucial.

In this section you will:

  • Become a more persuasive and powerful communicator in all situations.
  • Learn how to use evidence to back up what we say.
  • Discover the language to excite the patient and learn how to influence them.
  • Communicate clearly and concisely, eliminate waffle.

Communicate your fees with confidence:

In this section you will.

  • Understand that patients do not always buy on price.
  • Understand what is important to patients when they make decisions.
  • Learn how to present what you do with confidence, concisely and create real value in your patient’s eyes.
  • Develop your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) so that you can sell your services at a higher fee than your competition.

Gaining Commitment – it is important that there is a natural conclusion to the consultation. 

In this section you will.

  • Learn how to gain patient commitment to your treatment with ease.
  • Develop a process where patient buys into your services.
  • Learn how to close without pressure and make it sound seamless and with ease.
  • Learn how to get five stars google reviews and video testimonials.

Your instructor for this programme is Enrica Latter and Ashley Latter. 


Enrica works part time as a treatment coordinator in a fully private dental practice in the centre of Manchester. She carries out these consultations every day with 95% of them being for patients that are interested in having their teeth straightened. She will share proven strategies on how she carries out these consultations examples and tips to provide the most success and have more patients saying YES to the treatment plans.


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