A world class programme designed to turbo boost your profits from facial aesthetics all in a very ethical way. Your coaches for this brand new one day programme are Dr Harry Singh and Ashley Latter.

How to attract new patients

  • How to make your facial aesthetics business thrive instead of survive, so it can match your income from dentistry
  • How to handle telephone enquiries and get your team on board
  • How to plan world-class strategic marketing that will provide an influx of patients
  • 2-5% of your patients are currently having this treatment. Marketing strategies you can adopt to gain new patients in a dental practice
  • What you can and can not say when advertising so not to fall foul of the regulators
  • The 3M’s of the marketing mix
  • Our number one lead generation strategy that cost you nothing upfront
  • How to reward salons and stay on the right side of the GDC
  • Internet marketing – why a lead generation website is a must
  • How to carry out a full aesthetics assessment so your patients will request more and buy more of your services – don’t be a line chaser
  • The right way to organise an open evening to maximise the number of patients who will choose your services
  • How to ask for referrals and build a pipeline of new patients to your door

How to convert them

  • How to build rapport with your patients and get them to like you instantly
  • Discover a four-step questioning protocol to understand your patients wants and needs
  • Discover the one question to create more opportunities
  • Communicate clearly, concisely and on an emotional level
  • Present your fees with self-confidence, be proud of your fees
  • The one sentence needed during the assessment that will keep your patients for life
  • The unique pricing structure that makes it a no brainer for patients to pay for more areas
  • By arranging services into packages, you will make it more appealing for patients to undertake and increase your profits
  • How to gain patient commitment with ease and make the whole process seamless

How to retain them and keep them coming back

  • The power of an email newsletter, what to write and how to keep them interested in your services
  • Create raving fans, so that they tell their family and friends about your services
  • Why 99% of practitioners use gift vouchers the wrong way
  • Harry’s GOLDEN TICKET strategy that influences patients to keep on coming back
  • How to create a 100% mobile service that yields a minimum of £1,000 per session
  • Regulation – what will the future bring and how you can be one step ahead
  • The 4 P’s that will significantly reduce patient complaints
  • One sentence you must have on your consent form to make you exempt from VAT charges

How to adhere to the new regulation

With new the new guidelines being produced by the ASA, CAP, and MHRA that you need to adhere to.

  • Where you can and can’t use the term Botox®
  • When to use the term BTX-A
  • Why you can’t use terms such as “a new you” or “feel fantastic”
  • The distinguish between “guaranteed” treatment and any “guarantees” you may offer
  • The “grey area” of promoting before and after photographs of your BTX-A cases
  • Why any before and after photographs used for marketing purposes must have the originals signed and dated by the patient
  • Not using terms such as “leading clinic”
  • Only mentioning the “consultation” on your website regarding treatments with a POM

Two World Class Speakers

Ashley Latter
In 1997 two dentists took Ashley’s Ethical Sales and Communication Course. Since then, over 21,000 delegates world-wide have taken this programme in over 14 countries world-wide, including Canada, USA, Australia, India and Singapore.

Dentists have travelled from all over the world to his training centre in North Manchester to take his courses. This programme is legendary in the Dental World and is probably one of the most sought-after programmes in dentistry today. He has now delivered over 29,000 hours of communication skills coaching to the dental world, probably more than any other coach on the planet.

In short, he is simply the best at helping dentists and their teams connect better with their patients, so that they can finally deliver the dentistry that they love to do and most importantly their patients want.

Ashley is the author of Don’t Wait for the Tooth Fairy, You are Worth it and The Dental Practice Jugglers. He has also contributed to the Dental Masters Series.

Dr Harry Singh

Dr Harry Singh has been carrying out facial aesthetics since 2002 and has treated over 5,000 cases. He is a leading light in the UK facial aesthetics profession. He is a trainer for Medfx and Galderma and on the editorial board of Aesthetic Medicine. He was awarded the Fellowship of The-International-Academy-for-Dental-Facial aesthetics.

He is not only a skillful facial aesthetician but a keen marketer which he feels is vital to attract and retain patients requesting facial aesthetic services. He has published numerous articles on the clinical and non-clinical aspects of facial aesthetics and spoken at dental and facial aesthetics conferences on these topics.

He runs numerous clinical and non-clinical workshops for his training company –www.botulinumtoxinclub.co.uk which is one of the most prolific winners of awards in the UK, including the winner of the Most Outstanding Business of the year in 2018.

Your investment includes

  • Full day training with two presenters
  • Materials and handouts
  • Lunch
  • 7 hours CPD
  • Network and alliance opportunities

Just taking on one patient will pay for this programme.





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