If you would like to develop yourself, your Practice, mix with some of the most forward thinking Dentists in the UK and listen to some world class speakers at the same time, then it will be well worth investing five minutes to read this brochure.

Running your own business can be one of loneliest jobs in the world. It seems that no one understands what you go through, unless they own and run their own business. The responsibilities are endless – Delivering good service, motivating your team, dealing with suppliers, marketing for new clients, making sure the bills are being paid and much more. It can sometimes be 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Fifteen years ago, I started to run an Entrepreneur Programme for forward thinking dentists and orthodontists who want to work together, develop themselves and take the next steps of the journey to success.

All the members of the Club over the past few years have a few common traits. These include:

  1. They are forward thinking and never stand still.
  2. They want to climb the next rung of the ladder.
  3. They are never satisfied; they are constantly seeking new and better ways to produce better results.
  4. They take action.
  5. They realise that to get better depends on their own personal development.


Having worked together, I believe that you fit the profile perfectly of someone who I would love to work with more and that is why I am sending you this very personal invite. You cannot join this programme via the website, it is by invite only.


The Entrepreneur Club


This is a year-long programme for entrepreneurs who have plenty of wisdom, are committed to improving their self-development, the profitability of their practice, enhancing their team and are SERIOUS about taking action to make a difference. In short, you are looking for new ideas and a new level of thinking to improve your business and personal life.


This programme is unique.  Not only will you get the chance to network with some very sharp people, but you will also get a chance to meet and hear five world class professional speakers, who I have handpicked just for you. These speakers are all known to me, personal friends and are truly dynamic.

  1. Mike Hesketh


Mike will be present at every meeting and helping run this programme. Mike and his business partner and wife, Lara, bought a ‘run of the mill’ four surgery dental practice in Exeter City Centre in 2012. They had a vision to change the way patients accessed private dentistry in Exeter and set about developing a formidable ethos and brand that saw the annual turnover increase from £480,000 in 2012 to £2.5million in 2016. They set about initiating a ‘game changer’, opening 7 days a week within the first three months of takeover, becoming the only dental practice in the South West to do this. Since 2012 they continued to push the boundaries and have quadrupled the size of the practice. They employed a team of stars that included 21 team members, 10 dentists and 5 hygienists. Their associate led business was recently sold at over £3.2million and Mike has given up clinical dentistry.

One of the key things about the business was that it ‘held its own’, Mike and Lara made themselves completely redundant from the business and Mike studied a full time MBA at Exeter University. The Exeter Dental Centre ran incredibly well as associate led with a general manager in situ and Mike is one of the most forward-thinking dentists I know.

Not only will Mike be present at every meeting, but he will also speak at one and share his blueprint on how he made this all happen. He will also share his secrets on how he grew patient numbers by over 200 new patients per month. This will completely revolutionise the way you run your practice and this presentation alone is probably worth the membership fees to take part for the year. On top of this, he is currently taking a Business Course at Henley.


Here is a selection of the other speakers that will be working with you:


  1. Nigel Risner

As the only motivational speaker in Europe to have been awarded ‘Speaker of the Year’ from both ‘The Academy for Chief Executives’ and ‘Vistage’ (formerly known as The Executive Committee), Nigel is a respected author, television presenter and a prolific speaker. He speaks with authority: his own life having veered perilously away from comfortable norms at times. He has learned, the hard way, that positive results can come from negative experiences, and that we often learn best from situations which are unfamiliar and even uncomfortable.

As one of the youngest CEO’s of a financial services company in the City of London, Nigel knows business as well as he knows life and more importantly, he knows what it takes to lead a successful business! Unlike other motivational speakers or consultants, he has the ability to translate, with electrifying effect, hands on experience into a coherent, compelling and exciting philosophy. This has made him one of Europe’s leading keynote speakers and a powerful professional one-to-one coach to some of the world’s leading business executives.

Today he conducts more than 150 motivational seminars and corporate speaking engagements a year for an enormous variety of companies and organizations in Britain and overseas. When he isn’t travelling Nigel lives with his wife and two children in Hertfordshire.

Nigel is an accomplished author with many successful self-help books, CD collections and instructional guides to his credit. His books ‘You had me at Hello; – the new rules for better networking – and ‘It’s a zoo around here’ – the new rules for better communication, have sold in their thousands and are literally transforming lives all around the world. His latest book ‘The IMPACT Code’ is setting a new standard for self-help guides – This one actually works! The last group loved Nigel that much, we arranged a second full day with him.

  1. Chris Brindley

Chris Brindley, MBE, is a prominent UK Business Leader, Chairman of Greater Sport Manchester, and former MD of Metro Bank. He is a leading authority on Sales Management, Customer Experience, Employee Engagement and Satisfaction particularly within organisations where change is on the agenda.


Chris delivers high impact workshops and presentations to staff at all levels. He inspires change through his comprehensive knowledge of the practice of Coaching and Leadership and utilises a Balanced Business Scorecard approach to build compelling visions of the future for both organisations and individuals alike.

As the former MD of Metro Bank, Chris is an expert when it comes to Customer Service, an area he is passionate about. It is not only in the Private sector where Chris is able to make a difference. As the Chairman of one of the UK’s leading charities, he works with Government, Local Authorities, Health bodies and National Agencies to deliver Sport and Physical Activity to the population of the North West. His success is a result of a unique set of experiences including working with Olympic athletes and using sport as the inspirational learning model to inspire success within business.

For Chris, results are important, but what is more important is the creation of a long-term sustainable performance culture that will continue long after Chris has finished working with the organisation or individual. Chris gives delegates new perspectives which have challenged them to think about the organisation, what they do, and their personal development in a different way, encouraging them to change the way they operate. His enthusiasm and energy for his subject backed up by a huge depth of knowledge and practical experience makes Chris a compelling and credible presenter.

In June 2018, Chris was awarded an MBE in the Queen’s Birthday Honours List for his services to sport.

  1. Jessica Richards


Jessica specialises in personal transformation and leadership mentoring. Using her unique ‘Changing the Groundhog Day’ approach (different place, different people but the same situation again!) developed over more than 20 years and thousands of hours of one-to-one sessions, she helps people achieve significant change in both their personal and professional lives.

Jessica received an award for inspiring ‘The Academy for Chief Executives’ at the ‘Inspire’ conference in Oct 2006. Jessica is the most booked speaker in the history of ‘The Academy for Chief Executives’

Through her work with organisations such as ‘Thomas International’, ‘Young Presidents Organisation’, ‘The Academy for Chief Executives’, ‘Vistage International’ as well as top level individuals, Jessica has facilitated rapid change through self-awareness. This has enabled others to fulfil their personal and professional potential more consciously and therefore enjoy a more successful and meaningful life and business. I have personally worked and known Jessica for over 15 years. She is the most amazing lady I have met, and her sessions can be extremely challenging and in some cases life changing. I promise, you will be amazed with the transformation that she can make in just a few hours.


  1. Chris Barrow

I am not sure Chris needs any introduction.  He has operated his own business for 29 years and has been a trainer, consultant, coach and mentor to the UK dental profession for 23 years.

Chris combines a wealth of knowledge with the originality and independence needed to resolve the thorniest of problems. Straight talking and determined, he can reach conclusions quickly, and has the reflexes and lightness of touch to innovate, change tack and push boundaries.

A leading authority on the business of dentistry, Chris regularly contributes to the dental press, social media and online platforms and has co-authored books and published a series of e-books on the business of dentistry.

As a popular industry speaker, Chris is dynamic, energetic and charismatic with boundless enthusiasm for his field of expertise. Audiences are left enlightened and inspired in equal measure.

Chris spends most of his professional time mentoring independent dental entrepreneurs under the “Coach Barrow” brand. I record a podcast with Chris every month called ‘Two Reds are Better than One’.


  1. Mark Addlestone – Chairman of Beaverbrooks

Mark is the Chairman of Beaverbrook’s Jewellers, who have 65 stores all over the UK. Beaverbrook’s have been trading since 1919 and are one of the UK’s most successful retailers.

Mark is passionate about people and Beaverbrook’s have won many awards as one of the best places to work. Since 2004 they have appeared every year in the top four of the best companies to work for in the Sunday Times Top 100 companies. In 2009, they finished number one and in 2008, they got voted the best company to work for in Europe.

They are also passionate about raising money for charities. They donate 20% of their pre-tax profits to charities and in 2012 they were one of only 29 companies who received the Platinum Payroll Giving Award.

Mark will share with you how to manage, lead, and coach your people to perform at their best, all the time. Last year, Mark was made an OBE for his services to industry and charity.


  1. Shaz Memom Owner of Digimax

Shaz is the founder of Digimax a Dental digital Marketing agency based in London. They have been working in the dental market since 2003 and have helped hundreds of dental practices in the UK create unique websites and helping with their digital marketing. Shaz is the author of Instagram for Business a superb book which will give you the rules to become to become noticed on Instagram. He has two presentations ‘Your website is losing you money and you don’t even know it’ and ‘Building Influence with Instagram’ Very few people really truly impress me, however Shaz does not fit into this group. He is truly world class with everything he does, and you will leave inspired and motivated to make changes in your Practice.

The Speakers

We have some very special speakers on board. I know them all personally and they are extremely inspirational. The subjects covered will be on personal development, sales, marketing, finance, self-help and people management. They are truly international speakers and can command fees of up to £15,000 for speaking alone. We will have their undivided attention for over four hours, they will coach you on a one to one basis and In many cases, and if their schedule allows, they will join us for dinner the night before the talk.


What is the format of the meetings?

We will meet the night before the meeting for a meal in a nice hotel/restaurant. I can assure you that you will come away with a list of ideas just from dining with your colleagues. If like our other members, you will love these dinners, you will also make new lifelong friends.

There will be a speaker in the morning and then the rest of the day, we will work on any major challenges or issues that you are currently facing in your own practice/business.

This is where the power of the group really comes into play, as you will have a chance to receive input and ideas from some very shrewd people. Imagine coming to the group with an issue and then receiving coaching and feedback from nine other entrepreneurs who have experienced similar challenges.  Perhaps you need some help with marketing, someone in the group may not only advise you, but can give you the blueprint on how to do it.  I have seen this happen before in previous meetings and these sessions can save you hundreds of hours of trial and error and in some cases, thousands of pounds.


What is included in the programme?

  • Six full days spread over a year. Locations and dates will be decided by the group at the first meeting.
  • One of the days, I will also personally deliver a programme for you. It will be based around developing your leadership and coaching skills, all exclusive to this programme.  This is material from my time as an ‘International Master Trainer’ for ‘Dale Carnegie & Associates’ and I promise, it will blow your mind. Please be prepared to develop yourself like never before!
  • Manuals and support materials for everyone.
  • Speaker’s products, autographed books, and CD’s. (This obviously does not include Beaverbrook’s).
  • Five separate business books selected by me.
  • CPD Certificates.
  • Strategic alliance and joint venture. Superb network opportunities.
  • Ashley Latter as part of your team for a year and unlimited coaching on request/on-going telephone coaching.
  • In addition, you may attend any of my open courses free of charge. These include:
  • Two Day Ethical Sales & Communication Programme
  • Advanced Ethical Sales & Communication Programme
  • Presentation Skills for Beginners Programme
  • My Brand-New programme –How to become a World Class Speaker’
  • Reception Programme – Turn Enquiries into Appointments


You can take any of these courses for the next two years. We will also include one elected team member to take part on one course of your choice above free of charge. By the end of this period, you may be fed up of me, but you will be world class in the art of communication and sales. All our previous delegates have taken advantage of attending these courses.

  • Two EXTRA Amazing Bonuses: 
  • You will also receive free of charge, my brand new ‘Online Ethical Sales and Communication Programme’. You will have this course for life, and you can watch with your team, so they can all sing off the same hymn sheet. It is 8 workshops, and over 6 hours of material (Valued at £1,400).
  • My brand new ‘Online Reception Programme’ – How to turn enquires into Appointments. You will have the absolute blueprint on how the telephone should be answered in your practice to new enquires. Again, you will have this for life (Valued at £795).


What outcomes will be achieved?

  • Increased knowledge, confidence, and skills to grow a more profitable dental practice.
  • On-going motivation and inspiration.
  • The sharing of best practices amongst a very highly successful group. I have handpicked these members, so you will be networking with some very bright clever people.
  • Never forget the skills and create a more positive attitude amongst us all.
  • Help and advice at the end of the telephone.
  • New friends/social for life.
  • Accountability and follow up.
  • Learn from the best, so that you make fewer mistakes in your practice. Whatever problem or challenges you may face, someone in the group would have been there and can provide you with the answers.
  • Work on key issues affecting your practice.
  • Help and guidance outside the meetings.
  • A seriously more successful you.


What is the investment?

Only £500 + VAT per month, for 12 months, payable by direct debit, per member. (For the price of one large treatment plan, you can have World Class development for a year). The only other outlay will be the hotel/meal, which will be on average around £140

At the back of this invite are feedback from previous members who have been part of this exclusive group and you can see clearly their honest feedback.


Who should apply and who should not?

Bluntly speaking, this group will not be for everyone. Please allow me to share with you some common traits of the people who do well in this environment:

  1. You are forward thinking, want to go places, but realize to get better depends on your own growth and development.
  2. You know you should be doing better, but you are not sure exactly how to go about it. If you know that a few tweaks here and there could make a real difference to your business, then this programme is for you.
  3. You are not afraid to try new things. If you knew all the answers you would already be where you wanted to be. If you want different results, then you will not get them by doing the same things. If you are open to new ideas, then you will do very well here.
  4. You are willing to share and help others. This makes sense doesn’t it? There will be times when you will need advice and help, all we ask if you know the answer, you share it with everyone else in the group.
  5. Open minded, need I say more?


What should you do next?

If you feel this is for you, or you would like to know more, then please email me personally at ashley@thesellingcoach.com  or call me on my mobile 07976 778250. I will answer any questions you have and will honestly tell you if this group is for you.

This group is strictly limited to 15 members, so if you are interested, please contact me straight away. I have personally sent out 120 invites for this group, once we have 15 that will be it.

I hope you can join us. These meetings are inspirational, motivational and for some members, truly life changing.


Kind Regards,


Ashley and Mike


P.S. – Last word


Over the coming months and years, you will invest in shares, pensions, houses, etc. Sometimes you will have no control on how your money is being invested, you will just hope that you will gain some good returns for the future. This programme is the best investment you can make because it is an investment in you.  It is taking 6 days away from the practice and investing in making a much better you, both personally and in business. Surely there is not a better investment that you can make.


P.P.S. The chances are we are heading into a difficult economy. During lockdown and since we have been back at work, my current group have had the best months in business ever. They have motivated each other every week, shared best practice and have a totally different mindset to growth and expansion. On some private one to one calls, I was told that the power of the group inspired them to new levels of mind set and performance and without the group, they may have crumbled during this period.


Neel Barchha – Practice Owner, Willows Dental Practice, Wolverhampton


“It was a funny thing after I went on Ashley’s ethical sales course, something clicked inside my head, and my practice has seen exponential growth since. BUT, like every practice owner, I still had my share of problems, not the dentistry, the business; members of staff that weren’t pulling their weight, a book so full of check-ups that I couldn’t get the treatments in, wanting to put new things into my practice but being so bogged down with managing it that I didn’t have the energy to drive it. Ash called me up one day when I was driving home and said Neel, I think you’d be a really good addition to our entrepreneur’s club, now I’m a sucker for having my ego stroked. Who isn’t? But the more he talked about it the more I liked the idea of meeting up with principals from other practices (ones I wasn’t in competition with) so I could see if they had solutions to some of the issues I was having.

WOW!!!! What a bloody revelation! Every principal in that room had at some point come across the same problems that I was having.

But then that’s not all, as well as principals, Ash had brought along some of his colleagues, hugely influential people in the world of business and I was coming home from these meetings insanely excited at the potential each one of these guys unlocked in my business and my life.

Everyone in the club brought something to the table, it’s all confidential, you can be as honest as you like. I’ve made some hugely influential friends and transformed my practice. When asked if I’d recommend it, I replied “What a stupid question! If you had the opportunity to learn from people that would help you solve all the problems you currently have in your business (and life) why would you not just do it?” The club has among countless other things:

1) Made me value my time with my family more and follow my hunches more which has in turn made me happier more confident and financially significantly better off (Nigel Risner)
2) Made me lose 3 stone and realise that the personality type that got me to where I am is also the personality type that is now holding me back (Jessica Richards)
3) Taught me how people use the internet and how to use it to my advantage (Guy Levine)
4) How to clear my books of all the check-ups and concentrate on doing the treatment I wanted to do (the other principals in the club)
5) How to handle a denplan care list and how to speak in public (Sheila Scott)
6) How to hold practice meetings that inspire my team, and don’t just end up in b*!ching sessions (Ashley latter)

These are just a few of the things that I learnt, and I do mean just a few. So now the last question is why do this with Ashley? Well let’s put it this way, “Would you seriously be able to do this for yourself? If the answers yes than why haven’t you already? And if the answer’s no, why not call him and his team and sign up straight away!?”


Christina Cope – Principal Dentist, Stock Road Dental Surgery, Billericay


“When I initially received the invitation, I admit I was a little sceptical and hesitant – how much good could a few meetings with colleagues actually do?

Boy am I glad I committed to this life changing course!! It’s an amazing experience to be in a group of like-minded clinicians without the competition. The talks and speakers have been inspiring and I can honestly say that it has completely transformed my way of thinking in my practice and given me the encouragement to make changes helping my practice go from good to great on so many levels. It has encouraged me to look at my way of working with open eyes. The support of my colleagues has been invaluable, and I have never come across any platform like it.
Thank you to Ashley for all the Organisation that goes with it, I can honestly say it’s been a privilege and honour to be part of this very special group.”


Riccarda Kane – Practice Owner, Birchington Orthodontic Practice


“I am so glad that I decided to join Ashley’s Entrepreneur Club 2019. The group meet 6 times a year with dinner the night before and then a packed day of very well chosen exciting speakers and group discussion with Ashley. It is so nice to meet fellow Practice owners, both general and specialist from all over the country who are striving to be market leaders.


Within the Club there is a wealth of experience, knowledge and ambition to help you move your Practice forward. All areas are covered: personal development, Practice growth, marketing, recruitment, our own wellbeing as well as the sales advice you would expect from Ashley and Mike.  Our group is a fantastic mix and so supportive of each other.

Initially, I thought it was quite an expensive course, however it has been worth every penny and minute of my time, as I move my Specialist Orthodontic Practice away from the NHS.


I am so pleased to have been invited to join and would definitely sign up for a second year with Ashley, his team and Club members. Don’t delay, you really need to join!!!


Manish Bose – Clinical Director, Ikon Dental Suite, Ealing


“I just wanted to write to say how much I have enjoyed being part of the Entrepreneur Group over the last 12 months. To be honest, it has been a revelation!


During this time my practice has exploded, we have never been so busy, and I have now had to recruit another dentist to cope with the work. The Referral Evening you ran for us recently was an outstanding success, the feedback from the delegates has been very positive. The speakers have been brilliant, and I have learnt so much about Leadership. I know I have grown as a leader as a result of hearing their presentations. I particularly enjoyed Nigel Risner, who was brilliant. 


However, the best thing about being part of this group is getting input from other likeminded, forward thinking dentists. Last week, when I was able to talk through an issue I had and received the groups ideas, was just priceless. When you run your own practice it is lonely, and you often think you are the only people to have these issues.


I cannot recommend this group highly enough. Thanks so much for everything you have done over the last 12 months.”


Andrew McGregor – Practice Principal, Park Orthodontics, Glasgow


“Joining the entrepreneur group has been one of the biggest turning points in my professional life. I’ve always had the ambition to take my practice to the world class level but have not had the confidence or know-how to make this happen.

Since joining the group, I have had the opportunity to mix and learn with an incredible selection of likeminded practice owners which has given me the knowledge and motivation I’ve been craving.

In addition, the guest speakers have been of the highest quality, changing my perceptions and helping me both professionally and personally.

I’d recommend this group to any practice owner looking to improve not only their business, but every aspect of their life!”


Catherine McCanny – Director, St Michaels Orthodontics Ltd, Wakefield


“I participated in the Entrepreneur Club under the direction of Ashley Latter a couple of years ago. At the time, I was making a considerable investment in my practice to promote the private side of the business.


I had some reservations about joining the group as I didn’t think I would fit in with such a group of ‘elite’. However, it was one of the best decisions I have ever made.


Our morning sessions were dedicated to a world class speaker. Topics covered ranged from web design, presentation skills, to personal development plans – things that I had very little knowledge or training in.


The standard of these presentations was above and beyond anything I have ever heard before. The afternoon sessions were dedicated to sharing business knowledge and ideas and we covered everything from staffing, contract issues, to tax and investment issues. It was reassuring that whatever problem you were facing someone else had been through this before.  It was a fantastic opportunity to share knowledge and expertise with like-minded colleagues in a relaxed confidential environment.


Looking back at what I gained from this club – I definitely grew in confidence both professionally and personally. I also made some great friendships with colleagues with whom I meet regularly on courses and conferences.


It is without doubt one of the best investments of time and money that I have ever made.”



Paul Stone, Specialist Oral Surgeon and Clinical Director, Blackhills Clinic, Perthshire


Having already attended a few training sessions with Ashley we were looking for the next step forward and my Clinic Manager, Trudie, suggested that we joined the “Entrepreneur Club” to see if this would help us develop our specialist referral clinic further. The opportunity to spend extended periods of time with different business leaders was invaluable and each meeting also included time discussing issues relating to our own practices.


The programme was one of the best decisions I made. It allowed us to return and immediately implement many of the suggestions and ideas that had been discussed.  As a result of much of what we introduced, our clinic has just had its most successful year ever and we are excited about the year ahead.”


Raymond Murphy – Owner of Village Dental Practice, Bothwell Bridge


“I have participated in Ashley’s course on ethical selling three times since 2007 and was in his entrepreneur club last year. Having developed the technical skills required I needed to find a way to get the patients to go ahead with my restorative treatment plans. As a result of this, I have improved my ethical selling skills which have resulted in an increase in acceptance from 30% to 90% in my advanced restorative treatments in this time.


Participating in the club allowed me to share my challenges and concerns with enthusiastic, like minded professionals and as a group work out a way forward. I would thoroughly recommend the modest investment in both courses to anyone trying to further their way in the challenging world of marketing and selling modern dentistry.”


Mark Durnall – Principal Dentist, Pure Dental Health, Truro


“I was looking for a business development course that would not only deliver progression and expansion for my business but also for my own personal development. With the incredible guess speakers, amazing group harmony and the glue that is Ashley, I have to say the course has delivered and then some! If you wish to move your business forward, you MUST do this course!”


Jonathan Cochrane – Principal Dentist, The Bristol Dental Practice, Bristol


“I can wholeheartedly say that Ashley Latter’s Entrepreneurs Club will be insightful, enlightening and worthwhile. It helped me to discover my why… why do I want to create the best dental business I can, and why do I want to succeed as a leader? It also taught me how to hone and sharpen my business skills, thereby allowing me to better manage my team. I cannot recommend this club highly enough.”


Gemma Cockburn – Principal Dentist, Chapel Street Dental and Implant Centre, Shrewsbury


“Being part of this club has skyrocketed my practice development. It has surpassed my expectations and my quality of life has significantly improved as a result. I feel very grateful and privileged to have had this opportunity and to have the help and support of likeminded business owners.”


Deepa Prasad – Principal Dentist, Arthur Road Dental Practice, London

“I have thoroughly enjoyed being part of Ashley Latter’s Entrepreneurs Club. I have learned so much from the world class speakers Ashley has chosen, some of whom I would otherwise never have had the opportunity to hear them speak. To be sharing ideas with a group of forward-thinking dentists can only leave you encouraged and inspired.”


If you feel this is for you, or you would like to know more, then please email lissa@thesellingcoach.com or call her on 0161 724 8728 for details.