If you have any questions at all about the courses, you can call Ashley personally on his mobile (07976 778250) or call the team on 0161 724 8728.

The core philosophy of the programme is about building stronger relationships with your patients, asking them high quality questions to create more opportunities and then provide solutions to their problems and issues. This programme is not about turning dental professionals and their dental practice team members into hard faced salespeople. The ultimate results are that more of your patients take on board your ideas, say yes to your solutions/treatment plans and create win win relationships. It is all about connecting with the patient, not selling services to them that they don’t need.

There are many. However, if we were to prioritise these would be:

  1. Increased uptake of treatment plans – more patients saying YES ethically
  2. An understanding of the whole dental sales process
  3. Talk money with more confidence and achieve better prices for your services
  4. Building stronger relationships with your patients – leading to an increase in referrals
  5. Create more opportunities because you are asking correct and more meaningful questions
  6. An improvement in the self-esteem and confidence of the whole dental practice management team will be evident
  7. Improved uptake of large treatment plans
  8. The ability to deliver the type of dentistry you always dreamed of
  9. More confidence in dealing with patients’ reservations
  10. The whole team singing off the same hymn sheet
  11. A “World Class Patient Journey” in your practice
  12. Increased sale of Insurance Plans

With reduced NHS contracts and all the uncertainty for the future, dental professionals are going to have to increase their private work. There is also a greater desire from patients for more cosmetic work and this means that dentists and their teams need to communicate and sell their ideas better to the patient. The patient is now demanding this. It is a well known fact that 85% of a person’s success is down to their skills and attitudes and 15% equates to a person’s technical ability to do the job. Having the technical skills is important, but if you can’t present your ideas well and communicate your ideas effectively, you will not be able to put your technical skills into practice. The programme is so popular, because dentists tell us that the Ethical Dental Sales Training and Communication Course is the missing link. The greatest compliment we get from clients is that they are now able to deliver the dentistry that they were trained to do. We help dentists use more of their technical skills. We are often told that our programme should have been part of their dental training courses.

Our dental sales training course is delivered over two full days with a follow up teleconference coaching call a month later. The programme is not a lecture, but participants receive real life coaching, so that they develop new skills, a more positive attitude and an increase in self-confidence. This leads to people improving their performance back in the dental practice. It is like learning to drive a car, you will be told what to do, you will practice and then you will receive coaching, so that you develop new skills and practice new behaviours. The programme is fun, motivational and a very enjoyable experience. 98% of the delegates rate the two days 10 out of 10 and we are often told by clients, that the training course changes their lives forever. Please see the testimonial section and videos of some clients who have taken the courses.

The programme is relevant to anyone who has direct contact with patients. Whether you work on the reception, are a dental practice manager, a treatment coordinator, a hygienist, a nurse or, of course, the dentist, everyone will benefit from taking the course. Many Practices bring their entire team, as it ensures everyone sings off the same hymn sheet.

We delivered the first programme in 1999 and since then, tens of thousands of delegates have taken this programme world-wide. The vast majority of the delegates who take part are from recommendations or are returning clients. We do not actually advertise the programmes in the press. We have clients that take this dental training course every year. We often receive emails and telephone calls from delighted participants who tell us they have achieved an instant payback within the next day of being back in their dental practice. They also tell us that for the very first time in their lives, they are now delivering the dentistry that they have spent thousands of pounds learning.

Yes. Every dentist and practice manager will receive their own personal follow up coaching call about a month after the training course to see how things are progressing. In addition, Ashley is available for unlimited coaching on request.

Yes. Everyone will receive a certificate showing CPD.

Yes. On average Ashley personally delivers the programme In House to around a dozen practices a year. We can design the dental course to your agenda and this will also save the practice travel and accommodation expenses.

On average, we normally have around 20 participants. We also invite delegates who have done the programme before, so that they can give examples of the techniques and also help other people get the best experience from the course.

Delegates tell us that the biggest mistake they have made is delaying going on the programme after they first learnt about it sometimes years before. They regret how they could have been doing things differently for all those years.

Yes. If you would like more information, or if you would like to know how you can benefit from the course, then please contact Lissa or Ashley on 0161 724 8728 and we will happily answer any of your questions. There are also hundreds of clients who are happy to share with you their own experiences of the programme.