Time: 9:30 - 5pm
Cost £234

Everyone knows how competitive it is in the world today, your children will need a new skill set so that they can stand out against their competition.

We have developed a programme to help them develop new skills and attitudes that will help them sell themselves better in interviews and to develop extra self-confidence and a more positive attitude.

This programme is open to young adults aged 16-24 to learn the following skills:

  1. Develop High Impact Communication/Presentation Skills - the goal of the day is to improve everyone's communication and presentation skills. By the end of the day each attendee feels comfortable presenting to groups of people and enjoy doing it.
  2. How to sell yourself in an interview - how to stand out and how to handle pressure in difficult situations.
  3. Develop self- confidence and a more positive attitude - exercises are run during the day to expand everyone's comfort zone.
  4. Develop a more positive attitude towards success and accomplishment

and much more ...


Qoute I just wanted to say a BIG thank you to Alistair and yourself for welcoming Emily and putting on a great course. She thoroughly enjoyed it and was "full of it" in the car home - it was just what she needed - great tips and lots of PMA therapy - we decided that she needed to re cap the course material before any interview to give her ideas and pointers."

(and most recently) ..... "Emily had five interviews for her Dental course at university and 3 offers !! - the course was definitely worthwhile !! Qoute
Gill Haskell

Qoute Pleased to report that two of my daughters did the course a few months ago, then Megan landed her dream job, and the full-day interview included a presentation about herself so I'm convinced it helped. She beat off 10,000 applicants for 4 graduate training scheme places! Qoute
Andy Lane, Apollonia House Dental

Qoute Just wanted to say a big thankyou for having Jade on your recent course. You will be pleased to hear she was offered her first proper job on Friday - the one she wanted. My next eldest only just turned 14 will be on a future course Qoute
Simon Booth

Qoute Main benefit - Will help with my confidence and speaking to a panel of interviewers
How will you change - I will be clearer and not just to interviewers but meeting new people
Impact - A BIG ONE
General - Received lots of information and tips, was fun and got to meet new people. Alistair was great! Qoute
Victoria - age 17

Qoute Main benefit - Changing the way I now approach public speaking and interview situations, more confident
How will you change - More confident in my delivery, and a more personal based thought process whilst at interview to make my application unique
Impact - Will come across better at interviews with improved body language
General - Great course, good experience to speak in front of groups Qoute
Jonathan - age 20

Qoute Main benefit - Structure my points clearly to grab audience attention
How will you change - I will make eye contact, be more enthusiastic about my topic and think more positively
Impact - I will interest people when I speak and it could prepare me for future interviews
General - It was fun and Alistair was interesting to listen to and I learnt a lot Qoute
Ava - age 16

Qoute I feel this is really going to help me with my communication and communicating effectively when I go for job interviews and moving forward. Qoute
Jack Sampson