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How to stand out from other Dental Practices when you are more expensive
I was delivering an Ethical Sales & Communication Programme recently for one dental practice of 18 delegates. One of the questions I was asked, which I frequently get asked was, ‘how do you get patients to buy your implant treatment from you when you are more expensive than the Practice down the road?’

Like I said this is a question I get asked all the time on my courses.

I could write a very long article on this subject, but in short, when patients give you this objection, they want to know WIIFM(what’s in it for me). What isthe difference between what your practice does, compared to the practice down the road? When I asked them what they say, they were stumped and some of the answers they gave were a little woolly.   We then brainstormed with the whole group, and we produced four differences listed below. This might help you if you get the same question sometime.

1. The Implant system itself (materials)
The materials that you use can often be a difference. Let me give you an example I am not sure of the number of different Implant systems there are out there, some one once told me there are over 500. This Practice uses a brand that was consistently in the top 5 for quality and longevity, this is a difference.

2. The dentists (qualifications)
The qualifications of a dentist can be a big factor. This dentist who delivers the treatment has extra qualifications than most of the dentists in the area. They also take referrals from other dentists, from other Practices which means that they are very highly regarded in the area and amongst colleagues and run study clubs. This is a massive factor.

3. The Aftercare
This is important, especially as it is surgery. This Practice has an aftercare package that is different to any other Practices.

4. The number of procedures
Again, this dentist has done over 5000 procedures and has a very high success rate, higher than the average, another significant benefit to the patient.

So, as you can see four good differences.

According to the BBC we are heading for a deep recession, and if they say there will be one, they have never got this wrong. If this is the case, then patients just might spend a little more time shopping around, visiting a few Practices before they decide to have the treatment done. Most patients will not buy on price alone, but if they are going to invest more, they will want to know what they are getting, what is the difference. Educating and training your team to be able to communicate this effectively and with confidence, is going to be a must.

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