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Sloppiness is still everywhere
I have started to become a consumer of products and services again, visiting some shops, having some Zoom meetings, what has become apparent, very little Sales or Customer Service training has recently been done by the companies who were trying to sell services, or products to me.

Here are just a couple of examples,

We are currently looking at a different databases/CRM system in our business. During a training course that I took part in myself during lock down, I got recommended to a product by the tutor and for the sake of this discussion, let us call it Product X. Now I know product X well, it has been on my radar for a while now, so to be honest, I am a good prospect for this product. We got referred to a salesperson who duly contacted me, and a Zoom consultation was set up last week, so far so good. 10/10 for their eagerness.

The big day arrived, and I entered the Zoom consult to be met by a lady and after a little bit of chit chat, she then went into the questioning process, here is roughly how the conversation went.

Salesperson- so tell me Mr. Latter what do you and your company do?

Me- well I am a Business Trainer in the Dental World; did you look at my website to learn all about my business?

Salesperson- no I am sorry I have not, tell me more?

My heart sank, here is a lady trying to get me interested in a new service, as a customer, we would be spending £6000 per annum, and she could not take the time to research my company.

So, what could it have been like if she had done her research?

Salesperson- Ashley, I had a good look at your website last night, wow you have a very impressive business and I love your website. It sounds like you have a niche marketplace serving dentists, tell me how did you get involved in this industry?

Another example. I went to test drive a new Range Rover, from the garage I purchased my last car from and also where I just purchased one for my wife. The sales lady who I had correspondence with could not make our appointment, so I had a test drive with someone else. This was two weeks ago, I am still waiting for a follow up call, an email, nothing so far.

Last, if I come back to this earth and I had the same selling and marketing skills that I possess now, and I could choose a profession(s) to operate in, it either will be an owner of a Dental Lab, or a builder, if I had to choose one, I have a possible leaning towards being a builder. I have had two builders now visit my building to see a potential £10,000 job and a month later I am still waiting for quotes. What did Woody Allen, say about successful people ‘Ninety percent of life is just showing up’?

What is still apparent though, is that sloppiness is still around and its everywhere, buckets with holes in and opportunities leaking out.

I am certain we are going to be heading into a difficult economy, if you are a Millennial this will be your first experience of one, I have personally been through four recessions.

One trait I always find during tough economies, is that people become more demanding as consumers, demand incredible services and an experience, they cannot abide poor salesmanship and customer service.

If you receive an enquiry, act on it as quick as you can, show you are keen, build a long term relationship. Open your cabinets and chase up old treatment plans, you might need to make 20 calls, you might get 18 no’s’, but two might just say yes. Make sure you have the patient journey spot on, that the reception team are truly world class at converting opportunities, train them to handle new calls, they are the most important people in your Practice. There are no places anymore for Sales Prevention Officers.

Now is the time like never before to make sure you are on top of your game, in a tough economy, you will get less opportunities, you must make everyone count.

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