Wouldn’t it be great if every team member did exactly what they were supposed to do, in exactly the right way? Even better if every team member went the extra mile for the practice every day. Well, some Practice Owners and Practice Managers can achieve this happy state, but it takes a great deal of focus, and some great people management skills to make it happen.

One of the keys to excellent leadership is first class communication and through a series of proven techniques we work on improving your self-confidence, clarity, and consistency of message, to enhance your relationship with staff and colleagues and most importantly your influencing skills. By the end of the programme, you will have the skills to develop stronger and more meaningful relationships with your team, be able to influence them to your way of thinking and ensure the team is moving in the same direction together.

During this programme you will develop;

  1. Excellent communication and presentation skills – the goal of the day to improve everyone’s communication on a one-to-one basis and their presentation skills. By the end of the day each attendee will feel comfortable presenting to groups of people and enjoy doing it, as if they have been presenting all their lives.
  2. Extra self- confidence and a more positive attitude – exercises are run during the day to expand everyone’s comfort zone and develop a more positive attitude of success and accomplishment.
  3. The ability to influence your colleagues and sell your ideas more effectively. Get your team to undertake new tasks and jobs willingly and actually come up with new ideas on how to do things better.
  4. How to run more effective and exciting team meetings. Be able to facilitate much more productive team meetings, get your team to come up with new ideas and initiatives and get them to run with them.
  5. Learn how to give feedback to your team, so that they grow and become outstanding team members for your Practice




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