Ashley coaches a select group of dentists, orthodontists and entrepreneurs who meet 4 times a year to develop entrepreneurial and business skills. Besides Ashley coaching and leading the workshops there are also outside speakers who present.
The programme will create an environment where people can learn from each other, to help each other with their business issues and swap ideas openly, so everyone can become even more successful, much quicker.The S.P.C. is a year-long programme for delegates who are committed to growing their Practice/Business, profitability and are SERIOUS about taking action to make a difference. In short you are looking for the new ideas and a new level of thinking.

Meetings take place every three months over the course of a year and these take place at selected locations. These meetings will be a mixture of Personal Development, and a chance to help each other’s Practices. What makes this programme unique, is that you will also get a chance to listen and receive coaching from three international speakers. These speakers are hand selected by me, they are people I admire and trust and I know can add value to the programme and to your business.

The topics will be on various subjects that will be both motivational and relevant to issues that you face. They will be business focused.

The workshops are lively, fun and inspirational and each member reports back on the progress they have made from the previous workshop and share best practices within the network. To get the best from this programme, we invite everyone to be open and honest and share what works, so the rest of us can learn. In addition, there will be plenty of time to discuss and receive coaching on other issues affecting your business.

Programme Features:

  • Four full days
  • Manuals, support materials, including Speakers Products and books
  • Strategic alliance and joint venture. Superb network opportunities
  • Ashley Latter as part of your team for a year and unlimited coaching on request
  • Ashley’s 6 x CD set ‘Don’t wait for the Tooth Fairy’ valued at £97.00
  • A chance to listen to three International Speakers who charge several thousands of pounds a day for their services

These are some of the benefits the group have reported so far:

  • Increased knowledge, confidence and skills to grow a more profitable business
  • Ongoing motivation and inspiration
  • The sharing of best practices amongst a very highly successful group
  • Never forget the skills and create a more positive attitude amongst us all
  • Nine unpaid Directors advising you in your Practice
  • New friends/social
  • Ongoing expanding of your comfort zone
  • Accountability and follow up
  • Never have to bleed again â learn from the best, so that you make less mistakes
  • Working on key issues affecting your practices, this has proved to be crucial especially in this market place
  • Help and guidance outside the meetings
  • Improvements in Leadership Skills and Direction in business
  • A seriously more successful Business/Practice

Client Testimonials

Ashley Latter
Ashley Latter

“It was a funny thing , after I went on Ashley’s ethical sales course, something clicked inside my head, and my practice has seen exponential growth since BUT like every practice owner, I still had my share of problems, not the dentistry, the business. Members of staff that weren’t pulling their weight, a book so full of check-ups that I couldn’t get the treatments in, wanting to put new things into my practice but being so bogged down with managing it that I didn’t have the energy to drive it. Ash called me up one day when was driving home and said Neel, I think you’d be a really good addition to our serious players club, now I’m a sucker for having ego stroked. Who isn’t? But the more he talked about it the more I thought the idea of meeting up with principals from other practices ones I wasn’t in competition with so I could see if they had solutions to some of the issues I was having.

WOW!!!! What a revelation. Every principal in that room had at some point come across the same problems that I was having.

But then that’s not all, as well as principals, Ash had brought along some of his colleagues, hugely influential people in the world of business, The CEO of Beaverbrooks (Sunday times employer of the year, Nigel Risner (author of the impact code) Jessica (entrepreneurial hypnotist) Guy Levine (the guru of web marketing) and more, I was coming home from these meetings insanely excited at the potential each one of these guys unlocked in my business and my life.

Everyone in the serious players club, brought something the table, it’s all confidential, you can be as honest as you like, and I’ve made some hugely influential friends and transformed my practice. When asked if I’d recommend it, I replied “What a stupid question! If you had the opportunity to learn from people that would help you solve all the problems you currently have in your business and in your life why would you not just do it?”

The serious players club has among countless other things

  1. Made me value my time with my family more and follow my hunches more which has in turn made me happier more confident and financially significantly better off (Nigel Risner)
  2. Made me lose 3 stone and realise that the personality type that got me to where I am is also the personality type that is now holding me back (Jessica)
  3. Taught me how people use the internet and how to use it to my advantage (Guy Levine)
  4. How to clear my books of all the check-ups and concentrate on doing the treatment I wanted to do.(The other principals in the club)
  5. How to handle a denplan care list and how to speak in public (Sheila Scott)
  6. How to hold practice meetings that inspire my team, and don’t just end up in bã&ching sessions. (Ashley latter)

These are just a few of the things that I learnt, and I do mean just a few. So now the last question is why do this with Ashley? Well let’s put it this way, “Would you seriously be able to do this for yourself? If the answer is yes, then why haven’t you already?”

Neel Barchha
Owner of Willows Dental Practice

Ashley Latter
Ashley Latter

“I have participated in Ashley’s course in Ethical Selling three times since 2007 and was in his Serious Players Group last year. Having developed the technical skills required I needed to find a way to get the patients to go ahead with my restorative treatment plans. As a result of this I have improved my ethical selling skills which has resulted in an increase in acceptance from 30% to 90% in my advanced restorative treatments in this time. Participating in the Serious Players Group allowed me to share my challenges and concerns with enthusiastic, like minded professionals and as a group work out a way forward. I would thoroughly recommend the modest investment in both courses to anyone trying to further their way in the challenging world of marketing and selling modern dentistry”

Raymond Murphy
Owner of Village Dental Practice Bothwell Bridge

Ashley Latter
Ashley Latter

“Hi Ashley,
At last a moment to drop you a testimonial for the “Serious Players Club”.
Having already attended a few training sessions with Ashley we were looking for the next step forward and my Clinic Manager, Trudie, suggested that we joined the “Serious Players Club” to see if this would help us develop our specialist referral clinic further. The opportunity to spend extended periods of time with different business leaders was invaluable and each meeting also included time discussing issues relating to our own practices. I saw the benefit in taking Trudie along as well which one of the best decisions I made was probably; it allowed us to return and immediately implement many of the suggestions and ideas that had been discussed. As a result of much of what we introduced, our clinic has just had its most successful year ever and we are looking forward to see what 2014 will bring.”

Paul Stone
Specialist oral surgeon and clinical director
Blackhills Clinic, Perthshire

If you feel this is for you, or you would like to know more, then please email or call her on 0161 724 8728 for details.