Learn to present effectively to an audience, groups or even one to one.We use proven techniques to improve your performance and enhance your self confidence.With group and one-to-one coaching, participants make major breakthroughs in an area that may otherwise seem daunting.

One day could make a life changing difference to your confidence and self-belief.

Coach for this programme is David Taylor

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Everybody, no matter who they are, or how confident they may appear, is apprehensive about their levels of confidence and their ability to communicate effectively in front of others. The key to managing that nervousness is acquiring the necessary skills to do it right. After all no one is born with self-confidence.

On this illuminating and often life-changing course, the secrets to self-confidence are revealed, allowing even the most anxious and introvert individuals to become more comfortable in their ability to present themselves to others.

“Whether you are speaking to two people or two hundred, these skills will be invaluable. The ability to talk with confidence can, in many cases, open the way to a huge spectrum of opportunities you never thought possible.”

During this one day programme you will develop
  1. Excellent communication and presentation skills – the goal of the day to improve everyone’s communication and presentation skills. By the end of the day each attendee will feel comfortable presenting to groups of people and actually enjoy doing it, as if they have been presenting all their lives.
  2. How to handle difficult situations – how to stand out and how to handle pressure in difficult situations. You will discover the secrets to handing difficult questions, how to handle pressured situations and when necessary stand out in interviews.
  3. Extra self- confidence and a more positive attitude – exercises are run during the day to expand everyone’s comfort zone and develop a more positive attitude of success and accomplishment.

And much more..

Your investment includes*
  1. Full day with plenty of one-to-one coaching
  2. Course manual
  3. All refreshments and lunch

*Delegate fee applies to this course for Club members

Your Coach – David Taylor 


Clients tell us that they have achieved the following outcomes as a result of taking part on the programme:
  • Able to project a more professional image
  • Improved self-confidence
  • Improved flow of the material
  • Remain relaxed and in control
  • Respond quickly under pressure
  • Presenting becomes almost enjoyable!

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