If you are serious about increasing the number of implants you place then this is a MUST DO programme.  Bill and I will give you the tools to at least double, but more than likely quadruple the uptake of implant treatment plans.

Bill’s practice ‘The Implant Centre’, places more implants than any other in the UK.  You will get to watch how we communicate complicated material with ease and in a way that engages patients. You will learn what should be included in a treatment plan consultation and be able to explain informed consent comfortably. We will help you ensure your patient doesn’t refuse the treatment because they are afraid of the procedure.

You will also receive the entire programme on a memory stick so you can keep refreshing your skills for continued success year after year.


  • Would you like more of your implant treatment plans accepted and paid for by your patients?
  • Do you feel your treatment is worth more than you are getting paid?
  • Have you ever found yourself thinking one fee in your head but by the time it comes out of your mouth you have reduced it?
  • Are you frustrated that you are unable to deliver the type of dentistry that you would love to do?


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  • Build instant rapport with your patients- get them to like you instantly
  • Discover the eight questions that must be asked in every consultation in the correct order, which will enable you to create more implant opportunities
  • Understand the six emotional reasons why patients buy implant treatments
  • Speak the language that excites the patient and encourages them to take action NOW
  • Eliminate waffle and technical jargon forever
  • Discover 15 strategies which will enable you to be more confident when discussing your fees
  • Develop a five-step approach to overcome all your patients’ concerns and objections in a very ethical manner
  • Feel more comfortable discussing large implant treatment plans. You will never undercharge again
  • Be confident in gaining commitment from your patients. Make closing easy and seamless
  • Communicate with self-confidence, clarity and re-assurance
  • Learn how to ask for referrals and build a pipeline of the right type of patients through your door
  • Learn how to stand out from the competition wherever they may be
Bonus Extra Two Hour Session Myself and Bill Schaeffer

Explaining Implant Treatment can be complicated and many mistakes have been made by dentists that ultimately can confuse the patient and in many cases can deter the patient from proceeding with the treatment. Stephen Jacobs and Bill Schaeffer have taken my Ethical Sales and Communication Programme ten times between them. They now have the communication skills down to a fine art and this section is designed to help you create more opportunities to increase your treatment plan acceptance rate.

  • Using the appropriate language to deliver your message without it sounding daunting.
  • What to discuss at the consultation and which information is required to gain informed consent
  • Communicate complicated material with ease and positivity
  • Ensure that your patient does not refuse the treatment because they are afraid of the procedure
  • The two step approach to dealing with complex treatment cases
  • What should be included in a treatment plan and what can be omitted
  • Learn how to ask for referrals and build a pipeline of the right type of patients who want your services
  • DNA of a perfect website. 98% of websites get it wrong. We will share 12 strategies of a perfect website
  • The six questions you need to ask in order to obtain world class evidence, including testimonial letters and video.

“I took the implant specific sales course with Ashley Latter several years ago now. I have previously taken Ashley’s sales courses and it’s one of those things you use every day, eventually without thinking about it. The idea of one specific to implant dentistry with two very successful implant dentists was very appealing.

I gained a wealth of specific documents and ideas from the course that definitely allowed me to move my implant practice forward. Both the speakers were really helpful and shared a lot of content from their practices as well as their knowledge.

I would recommend this course to anyone who places dental implants and wants to place more!”
Dr Alex Jones
Dental Implantologist, PDC Dental Implants

“You don’t know what you don’t know until you’ve seen and heard it…Take the plunge, you won’t regret it and it will pay for itself. The week after the course I booked in over £20k of new implant treatments”
Dr Andy Denny
Cosmetic Dentist, Twenty 2 Dental

“A very different course to all the academic ones I’ve done before. Sales was alien to me. The benefits will pay for themselves very quickly. Ashley is one on one with you, non judgemental and helps you through your problems. Having Bill and Stephen here was fantastic. I’m surprised how much I’ve benefited from the course. I’m coming back with the whole team” 
Dr Paul Wilson
Stoke Bishop Dental Centre

“It’s the third time I’ve done the course. I keep coming back because each time I get something new out of it. Tremendous support from Stephen Jacobs and Bill Schaeffer… They’ve helped with consent and given me more confidence in selling complex treatment plans”
Dr Simon Belford
Clinical Director, Alington Dental

Your investment includes

  • Two-day programme
  • Comprehensive manual
  • Copies for Ashley’s books “Don’t wait for the tooth fairy” and “You are worth it”
  • 18 hours CPD
  • All refreshments and lunch
  • Network supper on the first evening

From Bill and Stephen

  • Copies of consent forms
  • Treatment plans
  • Marketing materials
  • Medical history forms
  • Explanation of dental implant treatment
  • …and more

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A percentage of our earnings supports bridge2aid and The Fed


Clients tell us that they have achieved the following outcomes as a result of taking part on the programme:
  • Increased uptake of implant treatment plans
  • Stronger relationships with their patients leading to an increase in referrals
  • Talking money with more confidence and achieving better prices for their services
  • More confidence in dealing with patients objections
  • Entire team singing from the same hymn sheet
  • A world class patient journey

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