Since 1997, tens of thousands of dentists and their teams have taken part in this unique two day programme which ultimately helps Dentists, Orthodontists, Treatment Co-ordinators and their teams create more opportunities within their dental practices, improve their uptake of treatment plans, achieve the prices their services deserve and deal confidently with patient objections. All this will ultimately improve the bottom line results. It is probably the most sought after programme in UK Dentistry.



  • Build instant rapport with your patients- get them to like you instantly
  • Discover the eight questions that must be asked in every consultation in the correct order, which will enable you to create more cosmetic treatment such as composite bonding, veneers, short term orthodontics and others.
  • Understand the six emotional reasons why patients buy implant treatments
  • Communicate the language that excites the patient and encourages them to take action NOW
  • Learn how to communicate clearly and concisely and learn to eliminate waffle and technical jargon forever
  • Discover strategies which will enable you to be more confident when discussing your fees
  • Know your numbers and never reduce your fees ever again.
  • Develop a five-step approach to overcome all your patients’ concerns and objections in a very ethical manner
  • Feel more comfortable discussing large treatment plans. You will never undercharge again
  • Be confident in gaining commitment from your patients. Make closing easy and seamless
  • Communicate with self-confidence, clarity and re-assurance
  • Learn how to ask for referrals and build a pipeline of the right type of patients through your door
  • Learn how to feel comfortable and confident about asking for five star google reviews and video testimonials
  • Learn how to stand out from the competition wherever they may be
  • Learn how to communicate with self-confidence when you receive an objection for example ‘That seems expensive, I can get this treatment cheaper overseas
  • Learn how to sell private treatment over NHS and have more patients saying yes.
  • Learn the correct communication skills that influences the patient to take up treatment, that will benefit their health
  • Learn that language that dissuades patients from taking up treatment, especially when you are communicating consent

Your instructor for this programme is Ashley Latter

“The two-day Ethical Sales Communication Programme has been an amazing course. Ashley is a highly competent and practical person, as well as being very friendly and funny. I highly recommend this course to all my colleagues and their teams if they want to improve their professional lives, enhance their relationships with patients, and consequently, increase their income”

Dr Giuseppe Mainas, Dentoworld 


“Absolutely blown away!! Just took part in the 2 day ethical sales course in Manchester, I’m so glad I did it. I feel so much more confident now and the 1st patient I saw after the course is proceeding with treatment. For anyone considering this course who is nervous, stop putting it off and just do it, because even though it takes you out of your comfort zone, what you gain from the course is immeasurable!!!”

Emma Wallace, Shotley Bridge Dental Care 


“Amazing course. I had been wanting to do this course for a long time and it exceeded my expectations. Very well structured. Excellent one on one help given and lots of practice in communications skills with the group
Amazing hosting skills. Enjoyed amazing homemade Italian food throughout the course. I was fasting at the time and they put some in a bag for me to take home to open my fast with. Outstanding service! I would give 10 stars if I could. For anyone who is thinking about doing this course , I would highly recommend it. Life changing experience.”

Dr Mohammad Yunas, Southport Smiles Crown Dental 


“I delayed going on Ashley’s course for over a year…oh boy was I wrong! My conversion rates for treatments have soared! Don’t make the same mistake I did- book on to Ashleys course NOW- not tomorrow or next week but NOW! I’ve taken an Ashley Latter course every year for the last twelve years and I’m excited now to be a mentor on the course”
Dr Bill Schaeffer
Specialist dentist, The Implant Centre 


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Your instructor for this course is Ashley Latter.


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Clients tell us that they have achieved the following outcomes as a result of taking part on the programme:
  • Increased uptake of treatment plans
  • Stronger relationships with their patients leading to an increase in referrals
  • Talking money with more confidence and achieving better prices for their services
  • More confidence in dealing with patients objections
  • Entire team singing from the same hymn sheet
  • A world class patient journey

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