Feedback from clients after only 3 sessions:

So I’ve now done 5 Invisalign consultations since being back at work and have them all booked in to start or they’ve started treatment! Thank you. I’m delighted.

Kiki Norman

‘Now after 3 weeks later since the course started , I managed to convert 6-7 invisalign patients and two fixed ortho patients, which is more than my last few months conversions. I have definitely noticed a change in my mentality, confidence, presentation of treatment plan and attitude. Your approach of setting up agenda in the start and then asking questions in well structured manner and then closing it with infamous line how did it sound. I feel like more of a closer than a choker.’

Moonis Iqbal 


“End of day update. I had 3 in person consults today for sleep apnea and all 3 said yes ($8,000 in revenue)! My front desk said “I can’t remember a day that we were perfect in cases consulted and cases started.” 🙂

Ryan O’Neill, DMD, DABDSM


“After listening to one of Ashley’s Webinar’s whilst on maternity leave, I signed up to the online ethical sales and communication course. After that very first session my dentistry changed.
The very next day I employed the skills taught.
I went from being a dentist who lacked confidence in selling treatments to a clinician who  now had a structure to compliment my communication skills and understood the importance of patient rapport without being overly obsequious. Even my nurses noticed the positive change!
Since being on the course my conversion rates for treatment have increased significantly and my word of mouth referrals have also grown.
I’ve particularly enjoyed the “practical” element of the course and the examples used to relate to.
If you’re thinking of taking part in this course then do it now.
My only regret is not signing up sooner!”

Aisha Shabir

“I just wanted to say a big thank you for sending the webinar across.
I had my first video consultation with a brand new patient and her family today, I was quite apprehensive over the last couple of days, going through the ethical sales course online resources, the course manual and the new webinar.
The video call took place today at 4:00pm, I have to say it was the best consultation that I have had in all recent memory. I managed to get the patient to invest in me to start her new dental journey invisalign + combined cosmetic treatment. You have probably heard this a million times but the structure worked so well, thanks again.”
Ammar Alibhai

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How to Sell ethically and succeed in a recession
Session One
•Learn how to build instant rapport with your patients – get them to like you instantly
•The value of Preparation
•Discover the eight questions that must be asked in every consultation in the correct order, which will enable you to create more cosmetic opportunities
•Get patients buy into your treatment saying yes willingly
Session Two
•Understand the five emotional reasons why patients buy  treatments
•Speak the language that excites the patient and encourages them to take action NOW
•Learn how to present on an emotional level
•Sell NHS against Private
•Eliminate waffle and technical jargon forever
Session Three
•Learn the power of evidence
•Discover the six must have evidence to influence patients
•How to get powerful video testimonial videos / letters
Session Four
•How to use the process so far in Zoom Consults
•How to deliver World Class Zoom Cosmetic Consult
•See a life zoom consolation from start to finish.
Session Five
•Feel more comfortable discussing large treatment plans. You will never undercharge again
•How to present real value when discuss fees with patients
•How to create your USP using the four main differences
•Discover that price is an issue not the issue
•How to charge more than your competition and still get the acceptance
Session Six
•Discover why we get price objections
•Eliminate the three biggest mistakes in overcoming price objections
•Understand the six main money objections
•Develop a five step approach to overcoming all price objections
•Create a win win
Session Seven
•Learn how to make closing easy and seamless
•Develop the four different ways to gain commitment
•How to communicate consent without putting the patient off
•Look at why dentists get complaints and avoid them ever happening
•How to tie the whole process together 8 steps so it flows
Session Eight
•How to follow up with patients
•How to get google reviews
•How to ask for referrals & build a pipeline of the right type of patients

Your investment includes:

  • 8 live webinars spread over 6 months.
  • Manual for the whole course.
  • 2 books: Don’t wait for the tooth fairy & You are Worth it.
  • 16 hours CPD.
  • Two world class instructors Ashley Latter and Jaswinder Gill.
  • Only 25 delegates on this programme.




A percentage of our earnings supports bridge2aid and The Fed

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Clients tell us that they have achieved the following outcomes as a result of taking part on the programme:
  • Increased uptake of treatment plans
  • Stronger relationships with their patients leading to an increase in referrals
  • Talking money with more confidence and achieving better prices for their services
  • More confidence in dealing with patients objections
  • Entire team singing from the same hymn sheet
  • A world class patient journey

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