From when the telephone rings and it is a brand-new enquiry, to the patient visiting your Dental Practice, it is essential that everyone sings off the same hymn sheet and demonstrates World Class Communication Skills. It really is a team effort. You can possess all the clinical skills in the world, however, if you cannot communicate what you can do in a way that excites the patients, then you will never achieve your goals.

Here are just some of the outcomes you will achieve by attending this workshop 

  • Discover the 4 key biggest communication mistakes made by dentists every day in their communication. These mistakes are costing thousands of euros worth of opportunities every week.
  • Discover the one major secret on why some Dentists are more successful than others.
  • Understand what the 8 proven steps of the Ethical Sales Approach, so that more patients say yes to your treatment plans
  • Build instant rapport with all types of patients. Get people to like you instantly and create patients for life.
  • Discover the advantages of asking questions to create new opportunities in your Dental Practice. There are four main ones, Ashley will coach you on all these.
  • Develop new skills and behaviours that will enable you to increase your treatment plan acceptance rate, in an ethical way.
  • Learn how to communicate effectively, clearly, and concisely. Understand the language that excites patients to take action and most importantly, what you must not say to dissuade them.

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