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A year-long programme for forward thinking Practice Managers who have plenty of wisdom, are committed to improving their self-development, the profitability of their practice, enhancing their team and are SERIOUS about taking action to make a difference. In short, you are looking for new ideas and a new level of thinking to make to improve your Practice, your personal development and your personal life.

In addition to networking with some very sharp people in your field you will develop the following skills

  • Motivating people to perform at a higher level.
  • Mastering the art of delegation – learn how to delegate certain aspects of your job to your team members and achieve better results.
  • Getting a hold of your time – get more done in the day and use your time more effectively and productively
  • Creating the perfect team- learn what makes your people tick, how we need to communicate them and how we can influence them to our way of thinking. Get willing co-operation from your team.
  • Present to groups with ease and confidence – master the skills of getting ideas from your people and run effective and productive meetings.
  • Marketing for new patients – have a blueprint to attract new patients, which will include the A to Z of a profitable website.
  • How to sell your ideas – through better memo and email writing, and look at how best to use language in a written format to both colleagues and patients.
  • Learn how to handle stress and worry both in your personal and business life.


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