Learn how to manage your team with confidence and gain valuable support from a network of other like-minded practice managers.

Being a Practice Manager can be a lonely existence, often wearing several hats at the same time. One minute you are facilitating a team meeting, then you have to deal with staff issues and then answer the telephone, because one of your reception team is off sick, it can be never ending. If that’s not enough, you are taking important and essential work home with you, because you did not get time to do this during the working day, that’s why we wrote the Practice Manager ‘Jugglers’ book.

In this full day, Ashley Latter and Lucie Simic, will share proven skills that you can adopt and apply with your team, to create an environment where your team want to flourish and fulfil their full potential. At the same time, you become more productive, get more done and save at least an hour a day.

 In this workshop, you will:

  • Develop your skills so that the team will co-operate with you and how to get them to go the extra mile.
  • Discover the ten essential strategies so that you can delegate important jobs successfully, so that you can concentrate on the more important tasks.
  • Learn the most up to date time management techniques and save at least one hour per day.
  • Discover the most important attributes and traits of a World Class Practice Manager.
  • Develop more confidence and belief and develop a more positive attitude of success and accomplishment.

We will be facilitating at least two hot seats, where one delegate can share one of their biggest challenges and receive live coaching and feedback from other delegates.

What’s included?

  • One day training
  • Signed copy of the Practice Managers ‘Jugglers’ Book
  • Lunch and refreshments
  • Manual
  • Follow up coaching call

Hear from our clients who have done the course:

“I just wanted to pop a message across to say a big thank you to everyone at Ashley Latter courses.
I would like to say a big thank you in particular to Lucie. Sharing her knowledge and experience on being a Practice Manager, has really helped me on my journey opening a squat practice at the end of 2022. We opened our squat practice in November 2022 with only the Practice Principal and one surgery running. Fast forward to today, we now have 8 clinicians working at the practice and have business plans to expand to 4 surgeries later in the year.The first session in particular relating to time management and delegation was of extreme benefit to me, and believe this has been the key to my practice being so successful over the past 18 months. The tips and guidance Lucie gave me on managing my time and delegating tasks to my reception team and nurses has not only allowed my receptionist and nurses to progress in their roles and expand their knowledge, it has also allowed me to focus more on the business aspect associated with private dentistry and has allowed my practice to grow.I would definitely recommend any Practice Manager or anybody who is considering progressing into Practice Management to do Ashley’s course.A huge thank you to everyone”
– Jordan Roach

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Ashley Latter

24 years ago, two Dentists took part on Ashley’s Two-Day Ethical Sales & Communication Programme and since then, over 34,500 delegates, which include Dentists, Treatment-Coordinators, Specialists, Orthodontists, and team members have now taken this Programme in 16 countries world-wide, including the USA, Singapore, Canada, India and Australia to name just a few. This programme is legendary in the U.K. Dental World and is probably the most sought-after programme in Dentistry today.

Ashley is the author of three books ‘Don’t Wait for the Tooth Fairy-How to Communicate effectively & Create the Perfect Patient Journey’ & You are Worth it-, How to Discuss fees with self-confidence & achieve the income that your services deserve. His latest book is called ‘The Practice Manager Jugglers-The ultimate Practice Managers Guide’.

Ashley has now delivered over 36,000 hours of Business Coaching to the Dental Industry all over the world, more than anyone else on the planet. Today, he delivers the Ethical Sales & Communication Programme, The Practice Managers Club, and the Entrepreneur Clubs.

Simply he is the best at getting Dentists and their teams to communicate with their patients, which results in a world class patient journey, more patients saying YES to treatment plans and increased profits for the Practices.

Lucie Simic

Lucie has worked in the dental industry for nearly a decade, helping practices increase their turnover and deliver exceptional customer experience with five-star service.

Lucie’s background is working with words. First starting out in journalism, producing news broadcasts for the BBC, Lucie moved into newspapers before switching roles to focus on marketing and the newly emerging social media channels at the time.

Lucie started work at The Exeter Dental Centre, as part of the team who grew the practice from a four-chairs to seven and took part in its award-winning journey. After the sale to BUPA, Lucie spent six months dealing with the inner workings of the corporate machine, gaining an invaluable insight into corporate dentistry. Following this, she has gone on to assist many practices around the UK with their own journey, including the launch of a new squat practice, assisting with another practice buy-out and much more.

For the last three years, Lucie has been delivering the Practice Managers Club & Reception Programmes.



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