Ask yourself these questions…

  • Do you find it challenging to discuss fees?
  • Do you find that you have a fee in your head, but by the time it comes out you have reduced it?
  • Do you talk in a language that dissuades the
    patient from taking up treatment?
  • Would you like to have more of
    your patients saying YES to your treatment
    plans all in an ethical manner?


If the answer is YES to any of these questions, then The Success Club is for you!

Research has shown, that 85% of your success in a consultation, is down to how good and competent your communication skills are and only 15% is applicable to your technical skills, yet most dentists spend most of their time developing their technical skills and virtually no time developing these essential communication skills. That is why the courses included in the Ashley Latter Success Club are some of the most important programmes you can take, and you can join over 34,000 delegates who have taken these programmes all over the UK and in 15 other countries worldwide over the last 25 years.

The Success Club is a development programme for Dentists, Orthodontists, CDTs, TCOs and team members who want to develop World Class Ethical Sales & Communication Skills. The major benefits are that you will never forget the skills that you learn, ensuring that every day you are applying the correct communication skills, attitudes, and self-confidence, allowing you to have more patients say yes to your treatment plans in an ethical manner.

Our clients report back a significant increase in case acceptance, turnover, and increased income. However, the main benefit they tell us, is that they are now delivering the dentistry they love to do, and most importantly their patients want. Often before taking our courses, many dentists have invested in a technical course, in the equipment, but have not fulfilled their full potential. Clients tell us that our programmes are the missing link, our courses help them bridge this gap and they wish they were taught these skills at dental school.


Whats included in the Bupa Success Club?

  • Two Day Ethical Sales & Communication Programme normally £1740
  • Advanced Ethical Sales Programme normally £900
  • An extra Ethical Sales Masterclass by webinar on the 3rd June 2024 at 7pm normally £395.


Main learning objectives

  • Learn the correct communication skills that influences the patient to take up treatment, that will benefit their health
  • Learn the language that dissuades patients from taking up treatment, especially when you are communicating consent


Major benefits

  • Ongoing development
  • Essential skills that you will never forget
  • Many dentists tell us that they get their
    investment back and more within the first
    week of being back in the practice after working
    with us
  • Increased confidence when speaking to patients.
  • Significant discounts on all our courses
  • Access to Ashley Latter if you need one-to-one coaching
  • Follow-up coaching calls
  • Spread the payments over 12 months
  • Never forget your skills with 24/7 access to our
    online courses for life
  • Copies of books the two books
    (Don’t Wait for the Tooth Fairy
    and You Are Worth It)

Savings of £1,187!


Here is some feedback from clients who have taken our courses…

“Absolutely amazing! Ashley Latter’s Success Club is a game-changer for early career dentists
like myself or even an experienced dentist who struggle to have those difficult money conversations. This is a must-have course for anyone in the dental field, whether you’ve invested in clinical skills or not. This course provides the perfect platform to start practicing rewarding dentistry and excel in your profession. Ashley Latter’s expertise and guidance are invaluable, making this course an essential resource for dentists looking to enhance their skills and achieve success in their practice. Highly recommended for anyone seeking to elevate their career in dentistry! Anyone considering the Ethical Sales do not even hesitate for a moment.” – Manisha Shafi


“Since taking the course, I have found that my ability to convey treatment options and the
advantages of private treatment modalities has increased massively, and I feel that patients are now much more willing to take up options with a greater financial commitment. I find that I am enjoying work more, because I am taking more time to build rapport with patients, I feel their trust in me has grown as well. I cannot recommend Ashley’s success club highly enough.” – Garry Wilson


“Ashley’s Success Club has changed my life! I won’t forget the time and effort he put in with me, ensuring I had tailored communication skills and helping with every aspect of my patient journey. This has also extended to training members of my team so we can deliver the best patient experience possible. We are now fortunate to say we are in the top 1% of Invisalign providers within EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) and have been doing so for the last 3 years. Thank you Ashley and I wish you the best” – Aamir Vaghela

The benefits since finishing the success club the next day were amazing! I have increased my
income over the last month by 180% I could not believe it! My advice to you is that if you can take the course now then just do it. I am 13 years into dentistry and just wish that I had done it sooner!” – Abirami Thillai


“This course, to me, is a must for every dentist. We notoriously don’t get taught the communication and business skills at dental school. We are often struggling on our own, often questioning our own abilities in a very critical industry. Ethics and sales often seem an oxymoron until you hear Ashley Latter’s years of training in this regard. He reminds us of who we are and what we have to offer, guiding us to give our patients their best options with confidence. It is a Win-Win formula.

If you want to grow, I don’t mean just financially, but in the whole sense of the word..grow in confidence, delivery and value…then this is the course for you.

He has a relaxed, entertaining, personable style that draws you in, genuinely interested in his delegates and our progress.

The earlier you do this in your career, the more time you have to master his techniques and actually enjoy your journey. Wherever you are at, there is something for you on his course. I went on the 2 day Ethical Sales and Communication course and then participated in the Masterclass the following year. Looking forward to returning again to refresh my knowledge.

Thank you Ashley and team for continuing to support us in excelling”- Seema Azam


The fees are 12 monthly payments of £154 with no joining fee. An exclusive offer to Bupa. You can book online and one of our team will be in touch. The date for the Advanced Ethical Sales Course is to be arranged for January 2025. Strictly available to 20 people only! 



Why Ashley Latter

25 years ago, two dentists took part on Ashley’s Two-Day Ethical Sales & Communication Programme and since then, over 36,500 delegates, which include Dentists, Treatment-Coordinators, Specialists, Orthodontists, and team members have now taken this programme in 16 countries world-wide, including the USA, Singapore, Canada, India, and Australia to name just a few. This programme is legendary in the UK Dental World and is the most sought-after programme in Dentistry today.

Ashley is the author of three books ‘Don’t Wait for the Tooth Fairy-How to Communicate effectively & Create the Perfect Patient Journey’, ‘You are Worth it-, How to Discuss fees with self-confidence & achieve the income that your services deserve’.  His latest book is called ‘The Practice Manager Jugglers’.

Ashley has now delivered over 34,000 hours of Business Coaching to the Dental Industry all over the world, more than anyone else on the planet. Simply he is the best at getting Dentists and their teams to communicate with their patients, which results in a world class patient journey, more patients saying YES to treatment plans and increased profits for the Practices.


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