Course Testimonials

  • Georgia Karargyri

    This was one of the best courses I have ever attended. It completely changed my professional life and gave me the tools to communicate better with my patients. Since the course my private income has increased over 90%, but even more amazing, my patients have had treatments with the latest technologies and materials because I can now help them understand better the benefits of these treatments. Sign up for it immediately!

  • Roberta Rizzi

    Your course is really inspirational and energising: I have felt really motivated and focused since back in surgery and I have immediately experienced an increase in my private income. I am really committed to following your methods and your advice, I have found them absolutely life-changing. Thanks to your books and your course I have discovered how full of prejudices I am ( above all, that one toward money) and how bad my listening can be

  • Dr Andrew McSweeney

    Thank you for the webinar last night. Just thought I'd share something quite amazing with you; I've just "closed" £2k of anterior crowns on a patient. I hardly ever manage to secure treatment plans like that, all from the methods you mentioned in your webinar. Mostly from asking questions and from trying to describe solutions in a more exciting way using the patient's language, and then asking her to book in today rather than advising her to "have a think about it"

  • Dr Ravi Solanki

    We are excited to continue to work with you as so far it has had the biggest impact on our business, we have already received a significant return back on our investment and staff morale

  • Dr Gerwyn Rolands

    Essential changes like don't bring up the plan on the phone, photo book, video reviews and hand out some business cards together with asking for referrals alone has made your visit more than worth while.
    I genuinely feel you have given me a blueprint to up our customer service to the next level. I can't wait for your next visit


Get yourself on the road to a more profitable practice!

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You Are Worth It: (Book) Feel comfortable communicating your fees & achieve the income your services deserve


You Are Worth It: (Book) Feel comfortable communicating your fees & achieve the income your services deserve

You Are Worth It: (Book) Feel comfortable communicating your fees & achieve the income your services deserve

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Do you sometimes reduce the price of your  treatments in your head because you feel your  patients cannot afford them?

Does the talking of money in your surgery make you feel uncomfortable?

Are you worried about quoting a price due to the fear you might get a negative response from your patient?

Do you feel your services are worth more than you get paid for them?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then I promise you will enjoy reading this book.

This book reveals information on exactly how to deal with this problem. As far as I am aware, the contents are not taught at any dentistry school.

While certain elements of pricing may have been touched on by dental coaches, they’ll have barely scratched the surface of what I do in this book. I’ll be looking at this complex issue in depth, delving into the psychology of what you do in those awkward situations and even why you do it!

I will alter your thought process, your beliefs, and most significantly, your behavioural pattern. You will never improve your results until you change your entire approach.

This book will enable you to smash through all the restrictions that you have placed upon yourself when it comes to the fees that you charge your patients.

I guarantee that once you have broken your own barriers down, the methods described in this book will provide you with the confidence necessary to deal with every pricing issue which arises.

After all, you are worth it. 

"The book arrived today and I have read it through from cover to cover. I will go back and reread areas I have marked up.  Once again golden information in an easy to read format. This book is required reading for ALL dentists and their teams. I was going to buy some as gifts for my colleagues but you suggest they have to want to buy it themselves, so you may have done yourself out of some sales there...:)   Looking at your history I think I may have been on one of your first, if not the first Ethical Sales 2 day courses back in the 90's as I remember Barry Oulton being a role playing patient!  As always relearning is as important as learning so I will be looking to repeat the course again in the future"
Paul Cole, Dentist, Regional Services Advisor at Oasis Dental Care



My 100% No Quibble Guarantee

Ashley’s Guarantee

If after taking one of our courses you feel that you have not developed new skills, and attitudes that will make a real difference to you and your team’s performance, then I will refund the cost of the course no quibble.

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That is the Ashley Latter 100% guarantee.

A Quick Note from One of Our Course Attendees

My biggest regret is that I didn’t go on one of Ashley’s courses earlier. It does take some time and money investment but it really is worth, take my word for it.” — Antony, Dentist

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A Needed Bonus, Just For You!

A Needed Bonus

When you book one of Ashleys courses for the first time you will receive a FREE first two chapters of Ashley’s latest book.

It features ethical sales & communication tips, simple proven strategies to grow your practice!

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