Online Course: How to Overcome your Patients’ Concerns and Objections






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Many clients tell me that overcoming objections, particular price objections are the most difficult and challenging aspect of communication between patient and dentist. Not dealing with them properly can cost the practice many thousands of pounds worth of lost opportunities every year.

An objection is a barrier to the sale and if you don’t acknowledge it and overcome your patients concern(s), then the treatment will not go ahead.

In this 40 minute module you will discover

  • Why you get objections in the first place
  • The single biggest mistake made by dentists and team members when they receive them
  • How to identify hidden objections, the concerns that patients don’t want to tell you
  • How to develop an empathy statement to help you resolve conflict and create a win win
  • The skills to effectively resolve all your money objections. There are at least 7 different ones, we will go through each one of them with you
  • How to think on your feet and demonstrate self-esteem and confidence
  • How to develop a five step approach to overcome all your patients’ objections
  • How to increase your uptake of treatment plans and more patients saying yes

Your investment includes

  • Copies of my books “Don’t Wait for the Tooth Fairy and “You are Worth it” (These will be sent to you, we will contact you by email for your shipping address)
  • 1 hour CPD certificate
  • Course manual (This can be downloaded immediately with the course module)

My promise to you
I am confident that after taking my programme you will be equipped with the necessary tools and self-confidence to be much more comfortable communicating your fees ethically, see an uptake in treatmet plans and achieve the income your services deserve.

If, after the course, you feel that it has not been beneficial, then I will refund every single penny to you, absolutely no questions asked.

This course module on the subject of overcoming objections is a topic which dentists tell me they find the very challenging, which is why we have split it out into a stand alone course.

If after watching and learning from this module you would like to go ahead and buy the complete Ethical Sales and Communication Programme (an additional 7 modules) then please send me an email to and I will send you a coupon voucher to the value of £97 which you can use towards the purchase of the full programme.