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Course Testimonials

  • Georgia Karargyri

    This was one of the best courses I have ever attended. It completely changed my professional life and gave me the tools to communicate better with my patients. Since the course my private income has increased over 90%, but even more amazing, my patients have had treatments with the latest technologies and materials because I can now help them understand better the benefits of these treatments. Sign up for it immediately!

  • Roberta Rizzi

    Your course is really inspirational and energising: I have felt really motivated and focused since back in surgery and I have immediately experienced an increase in my private income. I am really committed to following your methods and your advice, I have found them absolutely life-changing. Thanks to your books and your course I have discovered how full of prejudices I am ( above all, that one toward money) and how bad my listening can be

  • Dr Andrew McSweeney

    Thank you for the webinar last night. Just thought I'd share something quite amazing with you; I've just "closed" £2k of anterior crowns on a patient. I hardly ever manage to secure treatment plans like that, all from the methods you mentioned in your webinar. Mostly from asking questions and from trying to describe solutions in a more exciting way using the patient's language, and then asking her to book in today rather than advising her to "have a think about it"

  • Dr Ravi Solanki

    We are excited to continue to work with you as so far it has had the biggest impact on our business, we have already received a significant return back on our investment and staff morale

  • Dr Gerwyn Rolands

    Essential changes like don't bring up the plan on the phone, photo book, video reviews and hand out some business cards together with asking for referrals alone has made your visit more than worth while.
    I genuinely feel you have given me a blueprint to up our customer service to the next level. I can't wait for your next visit

  • Tom Stapleton

    Hi Ashley
    Just a quick message to thank your for the course you ran last week. I have put it into practise (reluctantly with some patients) and can't believe the responses. Patients I assumed who were happy with their appearance have got all sorts of things they want to get off their chest. The uptake in treatment plan acceptance has markedly increased in just a few days and I wouldn't say I'm exactly slick with my discussions as of yet.
    Hopefully this will carry on!

  • Dr Angelo Lazaris

    Although I was initially sceptical about the value of this course, I was refreshingly surprised to find that Ashley’s approach was the polar opposite of the “hard sell” tactics promoted by others, that treat our patients and profession with contempt. Ashley presented a methodical, comprehensive and well-structured course that caters for all spectrums of private dental practice that I highly-recommend for all dentists and staff. His candour, knowledge and approachability make this course on patient communication and ethical sales techniques a "must do" for anyone who takes the business of dentistry seriously.

  • Dr Kamini Mistry

    Ok, so a week later since the course and I have definitely noticed a change in my mentality and attitude-mainly not assuming or judging patients needs, or being prejudice. My nurse has noticed too, and as a result she is more positive, which is having a great effect on rapport with the patients! I am also not dropping the prices of private treatment :)...I think every day I have been at work since being on the course, I have offered a lot more private work than previously, and to people I wouldn't have expected to be able to afford it...
    Thanks again for your help

  • Dr Graham Murphy

    The course has left me with a lasting impression and changed (cured as you would say) me MUCH for the better, no longer acting like a charity!... I am memorising and practising your teaching daily, especially the cushion ---> Question-->- Else --> Chattering teeth ---> Chip Shop door for overcoming objections, it's really good - really useful!..I find your test close and questions brilliant when conversing with people whether at work or conducting business out of work....See you November then, hopefully with the team !!

  • Dr Matthew J Casey

    Ashley provides a structure to communicate effectively. It centred around rapport building, actively listening to our patients, utilising simple language that our patients understand, establishing the emotional connection or impact that their current dental problems are having in their life and structuring a plan by giving hope and directly giving the patient the solution and focusing in on the benefits of the treatment....I found Ashley highly entertaining, engaging, thought provoking, intelligent and inspiring to learn from and implement required changes...I would certainly recommend this course even to the most experienced, successful dentists as there is always concepts to revise, or something to take away and learn.

  • Dr Dev Patel

    Hi Ashley,
    Just wanted to thank you again for delivering another amazing two day course. The whole journey home Dariush was raving on about how excited he is to try his new skills and how stupid he feels for missing this out for so many years. You have honestly changed my life and hopefully the rest of my teams as well

  • Nahal Sadry

    Thanks again for your amazing course. I really enjoyed myself and left with a lot of positive energy.

    I applied all that you taught me and guess what, I closed today more than £3500 of private treatments, some of them with nhs exempt patients!

    I really enjoyed building rapport with my patients, it made my day so much more interesting.

    I felt so confident and could suddenly see the buying signals clearly.

    I can not thank you enough, your course was by far the best investment I ever did!

  • Peju Adeniran

    Just to encourage you Ashley that your 'hard work" on me has not been in vain... As we speak , my private income is almost triple what I had this time last year ...Thanks for your wise words ... applicable for life ... not just dentistry

  • Brooks Haney

    Ashley has by far the most thorough ETHICAL sales course I have ever attended. It is tremendous material & he has it so well put together. I took my staff with me from Dallas to Atlanta a couple of years ago. Actually Dr. Erin Elliott helped Ashley present the material. They were both outstanding. For a young dentist, like yourself, the sooner you learn these techniques the better

  • Dr T. C Patel

    They were perhaps the best two days of learning I have been on for a very long time. Excellent work by all your team, including Bill and Steve. All three of us are excited about putting this into motion from tomorrow.... I have already and need to be prompted on saturday by Anita on one or two things but did sell one sinus lift and 3 implants including booked appointments

  • Dr Raid Ali

    I wanted to catch up with you after the course...within the first week I had converted 4 Otho consultations into treatment plans in addition to 2 implants consultations to go ahead to next stage
    It has been a pleasure and the course had paid for itself the very next day, I will be recommending the course to all my friends

    Thank you again for all your help

  • Gill Haskell

    After much thought and deliberation we decided to close our two practices (10 surgeries in total) for two days and have the whole team trained by Ashley... Has it been worth it ?? ....Absolutely !!! We are busier than ever, the team is happier and inspired and gelled together and the profit is increased - everyone is happy !! Thank you Ashley - a "Dental gem"

  • Nick Cavuoto

    'Ridiculously inspirational’ is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Ashley. I've had the pleasure of collaborating with Ashley at Six Month Smiles on several projects and sales courses. I've always been in awe of Ashley's ability to command a room and get people on board with unique methodologies or ideas — even people who were initially completely resistant. He's approachable, extremely personable, spitting-funny and enjoys a nice beer to celebrate success. As a leading executive, business professional and presenter Ashley earns my utmost recommendation

  • Dr Finlay Sutton

    I did Ashley's course a month and a half ago. The results have been absolutely fantastic... the increase in uptake of treatment plans has been terrific. Ashley has helped me with my newsletter and the number of referrals has also increased. If you are considering taking Ashley's course I can't recommend it enough

  • Dr Khaled Zoud, Consultant Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon, Sydney

    Thanks so much for a fabulous course - it was a revelation...Definitely worth the trip all the way from down-under. The course continued for Prashant and I on the 26 hour flight back home and I think I was overcoming sales objections (something I am not usually comfortable with) in my sleep on the plane!! I will keep in touch and let you know how well it goes with my patients

  • Dr Prashant Patel, Sydney Dental Specialists

    Just returned home after a long but exciting day seeing 4 new patients, all of whom have accepted treatment. At least one or two of the new patients would not have done so if it was not for my new found skills.
    Granted my delivery is far from perfect but the level of comfort and ease created via your approach makes the first appointment far more fun and pleasurable for both

  • Lesley Morgan-Barlow

    I had high expectations in attending your course and I am happy to say you far exceeded them. Attending it was undoubtedly the best business decision we have made this year, and attending it together which gave us a joined up approach was the second best decision, my only regret is that we didn’t involve the whole team but they are enjoying reading your book ‘Don’t wait for the Tooth Fairy’ and we will be investing in some in-house training in the very near future

  • Jaswinder Gill

    Can't recommend Ashley's course enough. It has totally turned around the way I discuss treatment plans with my patients. This has in turn had a dramatic improvement in practice turnover

  • Rachel Worth, Treatment Coordinator

    I was fairly new to the Treatment Coordinator role and was struggling to discuss money and close my appointments but since your course I’m doing so much better... this month I've seen 17 new patients and 15 have booked in for treatment plans so needless to say the boss is happy too!

  • Tom Crandon

    Ashley has not only increased my sales significantly but improved my confidence and comfort in discussing treatment plans with patients, and as a consequence my relationship with patients is more relaxed and positive.

  • Richard Charon

    If your job or position requires you to present to or run business meetings or training sessions then I can, with confidence, thoroughly recommend Ashley Latter’s public speaking courses.

  • James Goolnik

    When I came back to the practice I realised that my whole team needed to do it

  • Anoop Maini

    Without a doubt your course had a major impact on my self perception, my personal confidence and my ability to communicate with my patients about my dentistry and to educate them on the benefits my care could offer them.

  • Paul Stone

    We cannot recommend this programme highly enough; it was one of the most important and beneficial courses many of us have taken : in fact we are all taking it again ourselves!

  • Andy Denny

    Since working with you I now have the language skill to easily and confidently ask for and gain that commitment from my patients much sooner, which is not
    only more beneficial to the practice but is also actually helping the patients who are often not only too keen to get started once they have made a

  • Andy Lane, MPhil, BDS, DGDP(UK)

    What we learned above all else, I think, was that the skills that Ash taught us are really essential life skills for just about anyone in any walk of life these days if you want to break free of self-imposed limits on where you can take your life and career.

  • Bill Schaeffer

    It’s now been almost 3 months since I took 2-day Ethical Sales Course and my practising life has changed dramatically.

  • Catherine McCanny

    Thank you so much so a fantastic two days in the Lake District. The course was superb and I have come back with my head buzzing with some new ideas. It's only Monday and already I have started to put things into action!!

  • David Coates, Dip CDT RCS (Eng)

    I had heard a lot about you over the last 3-4 years Ashley and I am pleased to say, I can make my own judgement and it is 100% all good. You dont have my reflection questionnaire because when were talking I had it in my hand, but it is 10 out of 10.

  • Kevin Lochhead

    I have personally taken the course three times now and I strongly recommended the course to all the participants on my Implantation Programme in Scotland.

  • Manish Chitnis

    We are experiencing this every day as we as a team are not only connecting at every level but of course "closing deals" with confidence. I had a 10 times return on our investment with you within the first few weeks.

  • Paul Cooney

    As professional people, we expect to pay well for such a course. In all honesty, the financial return was made in a day of returning to work and the increase in treatment uptake has more than justified the investment in the practice. Moreover, the increase in self confidence and team morale has helped improve patient care beyond measure.

  • Pav Khaira

    I would go beyond recommending your course and stating that if anyone is serious in delivering quality dentistry, your course should be as important as learning the advanced principles of dentistry.

  • Sonny Sagoo

    Since taking the course I have been a lot more confident in discussing and communicating treatment plans with my patients. I am able to deal with objections more effectively and as a result I have had a marked increase in treatment take up. I have had a great return on my investment and I feel that the course has been great value for money.

  • Stephen Jacobs

    Thank you very much for running your Programme a few weeks ago to my implant year course group. As you can see from of the feedback, they all found it absolutely fantastic and practice/life changing...as I told them it would!

  • Chris Stafford Testimonial

    Testimonial Video from Chris Stafford from an In House course Ashley carried out in March.

  • Ian

    What a superb day. I have done several of your courses and I have to say last Friday was the best one I have ever done with you.

  • Kevin Rolling, Genesis Dental Ceramics

    I have done several of your courses and I have to say last Friday was the best one I have ever done with you!

  • Louise Fletcher, Dental FX

    I just wanted to say a massive thank you for the amazing course last week. I was overwhelmed by the level of support from the other people on the course, it was truly amazing.

  • Paul Worksett, Amblecote Dental Practice

    You were very supportive Ashley, as usual, and the whole day has helped build my confidence when speaking to a group. I feel more able to deal with situations and how to handle a difficult audience better.

  • Pawel Kiersz, Dentis Ltd

    I enjoyed the day and I feel it was beneficial to me. I feel more confident now to go ahead wit my plans regarding public speaking.

  • Shrik Kotecha, Smile Essential

    Thanks for a FANTASTIC day on Friday. I really enjoyed the whole day and have taken away some priceless coaching on presentation skills. Look forward to working with you again next year!

  • Tracy Stuart, Training Director

    Thanks so much for today, for the first time in weeks I have picked up my presentation and felt excited about it. I have never let myself think positive in fear of coming over cocky! I hope this level of confidence remains until after the dentistry show. Once again thanks so very much for an amazing day that just may change my life.

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Contact Patients who you have not seen for a few years. You already have a relationship with them, they like you and respect what you do. Make sure they are aware of all the services you provide and you could uncover thousands of pounds worth of new opportunities with clients who may not know you provided these products and services in the first place. For Patients you have not seen for a while you could send them an offer inviting them to return, for example for Teeth Whitening treatment.


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Fully understand what the patient wants BEFORE presenting a solution. There are probably thousands of pounds worth of new opportunities within your existing client base. Have a good conversation with your patient, ask lots of questions and listen carefully to the answers. Do not jump in too quickly with solutions, or make assumptions.


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If you follow these eight simple steps, then not only will you have more patients saying yes to your treatment plans, but you will deliver the dentistry that you love to do and your patients want. You may think I'm trying to over simplify the process but I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to build rapport. Once you can do this the other steps will be much easier to carry out. The ability to build rapport with people is a key skill. If you can build rapport with your patients, colleagues and suppliers they are more likely to trust you and take on board your suggestions.


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I am still surprised by the amount of times I telephone dental practices at lunch time to be met by an answer machine. If you have read my articles over the years, then you will know how I find this bizarre, as you could potentially be missing out on new clients. This is the only time of day when many people can undertake their private business. I'm not suggesting you keep your Practice open 24/7 but here are a few things you can do to avoid missed opportunities


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We are living in challenging times and customers are becoming more demanding when they spend their money. Being quick off the mark is one way of not just impressing your patients, but ensuring that the business comes to you and does not go to someone else.


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Have you ever received a price objection from one of your patients? It will usually occur when the person presenting the treatment has failed to sell it well enough and not communicated the benefits or its true value.

This is my definition of an objection. It is a barrier to a sale, as a result of a failure to give it a more positive slant. This objection is in effect therefore, a request for more information.


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Have you ever considered when you are communicating your services to a patient, what type of personality style they have? In my opinion, one of the areas that is important when communicating whether it be to patients or a team member is their personality style. In fact it can be absolutely crucial, because if you want to be able to influence somebody to take on board your ideas, then you might have to adopt a different style or approach depending on the personality style of the person you are speaking to.


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A couple of months ago, I was having my haircut and I noticed my hairdresser was wearing some invisible braces. She was having her teeth straightened. Obviously, as I work very closely with many dental professionals, I was interested to learn why she was having this treatment and we had a long detailed conversation about this.


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Are your patients aware of the services you provide? Could they be shopping around for example for cosmetic or orthodontic treatment because they do not know that YOU provide these services? How can you advertise your services without turning your reception area into a marketing nightmare?


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Almost all of the dentists I have ever coached have reluctantly admitted to being guilty of the following scenario: Faced with quoting a price for a treatment, they have started off with a figure of £400, which by the time they've actually uttered the words, has somehow come out as just £350! For some inexplicable reason, they have found the prospect of talking money so uncomfortable, that they have actually offered a discount, without even having been asked for one! In this case a whopping £50 – the equivalent of almost 15%

Those same dentists have also admitted to carrying out a basic procedure free of charge because it would only take them a few minutes to complete.
Sound familiar? Please read on..


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In my previous article, I wrote that when people purchase everyday products and services, price although very important is very rarely the issue, an issue yes, but not the issue. There are always other more important factors when people are buying. I also wrote that throughout my 23 years career of training and working in the Dental Industry, I have very rarely found a Dentist who has not found the discussing of fees uncomfortable at some time in their lives. So if this is an area which you find challenging, you are not alone.

However, to contradict myself here, there are some people and patients who will base their buying decisions based around price.


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Many studies have been done about what makes a person successful in life. In fact, here is a simple exercise to do. Think about a dentist who you know who is successful and develop a list of all the skills, attitudes and attributes that person has. Once you have done this, list them into skills, attitudes and product knowledge. I bet on the list there are many skills such as, good communication and listening skills, and the ability to build empathy with the patient. On the attitudes side, are there things like positivity and enthusiasm? Have you also got product knowledge? On occasions, when I have a discussion with a dentist, the technical skills are often left out. Although vital, technical skills of doing the job only usually account for about 10-15% of a person’s success and without good communication skills, the ability to build empathy and to truly understand what your patient is looking for and why, you might never be able to put your technical ability into practice as much as you would like.


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How do we increases the sales of Teeth Whitening Treatment? Are your patients aware that you offer the treatment? Do you ask your patients how they feel they could improve their smile? The Sunday Times recently reported spending on Dentistry in the UK has grown by 22% in the last four years and is set to increase even more. If a Patient has a teeth whitening treatment with you he or she is more likely to return to you for other treatments. Here are seven tips to encourage more patients to say YES to Teeth Whitening


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I must confess, I am a big goal setter.

I set goals in all areas of my life; these include business, fitness, spiritual/personal development goals and Social. I write them down and review them every 90 days. I find 90 days is long enough to review where I am up to make any necessary changes if I have to, or in some cases, change the plan.

I have found setting goals in my life has many advantages


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